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The Chinese corona virus hit America in 2019 and by March 2020 the virulent virus re-named COVID-19 had killed thousands of people. Mission Accomplished in 2021?


January 2022 Update ~ Every thinking person knows corona virus came from China but how does that affect the U.S. Government vaccination plan and the financial health of the pharmaceutical companies? Hindsight can be illuminating... 


By 2021 the death rate from COVID 19 in Europe and the United States lent credence to "conspiracy theorists" who were pounding the internet.  A quick look back may provide you with a clearer picture from which you can draw your own conclusions on the current vaccine mandates.


INOCULATING THE IMMUNE SYSTEMJanuary 2020 ~ TheDogPlace reported the National Adult Immunization Plan {Ref #1} which included "numerous strategies to promote action through 2020... to protect the public health...Photo Credit: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY


In February 2020 we were hearing whispers of a "new disease" in China. In March 2020 we learned of the "outbreak in Wuhan China" {Ref #2} (first announced and covered by


In 2019 reminded subscribers about about the "new" 2020 National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) which had been quietly promoted to medical professionals since 2012 and was again revived to "achieve optimal prevention of infectious diseases and their consequences through vaccination of all adults."


Before we go further back in the timeline, credits Edward Jenner (a British doctor) for discovering vaccines in 1796 when he successfully tested a vaccine for cowpox but the fact is that China recorded the first inoculation (smallpox) in 200 BC.


Memorable Inoculation Advances

“Dog show crud” {Ref #3} swept the 2005 January dog show circuit in Florida. Medical professionals at the shows connected it concurrent research at the nearby University Of Florida.  The mysterious virus spread across country as exhibitors returned to home states. It became known as Canine Influenza, i.e. dog flu.


The Merck vaccine ii Gardasil Cervical Cancer Vaccine was introduced in 2006 for elementary school children including boys who have no cervix! The National Cancer Institute (NCI) said it is “nearly 100% effective” for four years but "re-vaccination may be needed."  Gardasil was mandatory in many states even though it cost over $360 for the three required doses.


 By 2009, 40 million doses of the Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine had been distributed world-wide despite confirmed fatalities and side effects, one of which is infertility.  By 2010 the Gardasil vaccine was out of the news, including the fact that Japan and other countries banned its use!  By 2014 Gardasil was gone...replaced by Gardisil 9.


In 2010 there was mass promotion of inoculation against H1N1 (swine flu) but it too passed away in as the public said “no way” to drugstore signs inviting everyone to “get your flu shots here”.


Then, in early 2011 Apple entrepreneur Bill Gates invested $10 million in Liquidia Technologies, a closely held biotech company that developed a seasonal flu vaccine. Bloomberg said it was just part of a $400 million initiative to help poor countries and perhaps it would work on new malaria vaccines.


2015 & 2016, NetPlaces Network alerted readers to the measles break-through in adults followed by a new measles vaccine. Then there was the canine flu outbreak, followed by the 2016 (human) flu epidemic?


As the internet grew, we questioned the push for a growing list of vaccines. That noted, let's fast-forward to 2020 when we were hit with corona virus from China. Was that part of the plan to expedite the big-deal 2020 Adult Inoculation Plan?


Do pharmaceutical companies prey on potential customers? Or do they expend $billions in research to keep us safe in a world nature never intended? An over-crowded world where people travel around the globe, exposing themselves to diseases to which they have no acquired or natural immunity?


Do you remember when children and puppies did not need multiple series of vaccinations any more than we need polio boosters today? 


UNNEEDED, UNNECESSARY VACCINE ARE THE UNDERBELLY OF THE BEASTThese facts are not new, just suppressed like the underbelly of the beast.  When pharmaceutical companies control the media through advertising contracts and vaccine producers teach medical and veterinary students about vaccine protocols, well... you may get a whiff of the beast.


But then the breeze blows the other way and we all agree that pharmaceutical companies provide invaluable services to us and our pets. Vaccines prevent disease and save lives. Cars can kill but you'd never go back to horse-and-buggy days.


Today you research before buying a car and you are here... weighing the wonder of vaccines against the risk of excessive puppy shots, booster shots, and rabies revaccinations that can adversely impact your pet's health. You will then extrapolate that knowledge to human health.


Here is just one example of marketing magic.In June 2012, researchers at NY’s Cornell Medical College announced that they had succeeded with a vaccine for cocaine addition which is effective in “monkeys and mice injected with cocaine.” The vaccine was “still in the labs” but could be available for humans in 2 years. As of March 2020 there is no inoculation/vaccine for cocaine addiction which is now a major health crisis.


The Canine Hepatitis Vaccine often caused "blue eye" which was more than a cosmetic problem. Notably, only one case of infectious canine hepatitis had been reported in the U.S. for over 12 years. That said, Canine Bordetella is otherwise known as “kennel cough” and for that reason, it is required if you want to board your dog or take part in training classes. What a classic example of pharmaceutical marketing success made possible by veterinary greed.  Would you give your child a vaccine to prevent a cold? That is what kennel cough is, a canine "cold" of short duration which rarely causes complications. Although we are told dogs don’t get “colds” the similarity to the common cold is unmistakable. Now, given a new name, it has been added to the inoculation madness.


Canine Coronavirus (FIP in cats) is a disease condition of very young puppies, made susceptible due to rapidly developing cells in the intestinal lining. Coronavirus causes moderate to severe diarrhea and should be treated. It is most likely to infect puppies prior to 6 weeks, i.e. well before the immune system is working whereupon they can safely be vaccinated. Coronavirus is rarely fatal and in fact, most adult dogs are immune and when tested, show antibodies indicating a prior exposure. Coronavirus vaccine is considered unnecessary by most breeders and knowledgeable vets.


Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferei) is transmitted by ticks and thankfully, this vaccine is NOT on the revised core vaccine list. It has been soundly challenged and our latest report on Plum Island brought tremendous response from readers. Interestingly, one major vaccine company charged their competitor with having released a canine Lyme vaccine when no case of Lyme disease had ever been diagnosed in a dog! Lyme disease cases are no longer limited to the northeastern states but confirmed diagnosis in dogs is rare. Before you inoculate your dog with a combo-vaccine, again, get the facts on Lyme Disease. {Ref #4}.


Giardia is a protozoan (usually due to poorly treated water supply or personal hygiene) that causes diarrhea which is usually self-limiting. Giardia vaccine is new, unproven, and probably based on the hypothesis that since it affects humans, dog owners may have heard of it and want to prevent it in their pets.


Barbara J Andrews, PublisherMeasles Vaccine, the CDC, FDA and media blitz urge adults to get revaccinated with measles vaccine {Ref #5} and deride parents who don’t trust childhood vaccinations. In 2018 the ADULT IMMUNIZATION PLAN was "postponed" as Americans realize the risk of over-vaccination and the profit motive in vaccine marketing.


If you would like to contribute additional information, email but first, explore ii Vaccine Facts & History = Chronological coverage from 1981's lab-created Parvo virus to today's VID and Vaccinosis.


References: {1} National Adult Immunization Plan ~ {2} outbreak in China ~ {3} Dog Show Crud ~ {4} Lyme Disease ~ {5} Measles Vaccine Hype EST 1998 © Sep. 2012-2112



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