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by Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH, & Herbology, SAAB Member (part 1 of 2)


In 2010 the CDC reported Human Lyme statistics average more than 20,000 cases annually for the US with 200,000 cases since the disease became reportable in 1991.


World-renowned veterinarian reports Lyme disease infects over 20,000 HUMANS per year but doctors rarely recognize these symptoms and if you have pets, you are at risk.


Due to the high degree of difficulty in positive diagnosis of Lyme disease these numbers are difficult to confirm. Lyme diagnosis tests are woefully inadequate and early diagnosis is essential to address true spirochete infection. For current Lyme Disease map and statistics, visit the CDC website: enter search for "Lyme Disease"


Lyme Syndrome is caused not only by the Borrelia organism but by the lipoproteins antigens which are in the Lyme vaccine and many other injectable agents; the antigens are similar to a long list of new, abnormal molecular structures that humans and animals now have in their bodies.


In dogs, the number of cases is unclear because of a lack of central reporting agency. 95% of the Lyme Disease cases are found (using SNAP-4DX ELIZA test) in just 12 states but according to cumulative statistics recently released by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., nearly half of the states (23) have reported 500+ Lyme-positive dogs between 2001 and July 2009, seven more states logged between 251 and 500 and not a single state was free of Lyme-positive dogs..


Laboratory Lyme Disease?

Although the disease known as relapsing fever was identified in Europe in the 1800’s, it appears the great influx of spirochete infections in the vector transmitted disease in the US had its strange beginnings in 1977 in Connecticut. The township of Old Lyme is across from Plum Island Germ Lab that dealt with tick colonies, infectious disease and biological warfare agents.  Dr. Alan Steere of the EIS (Epidemiological Intelligence Service) was sent to head up the Old Lyme outbreak and is still at the helm of the Lyme controversy, especially the testing methods and Osp A vaccine. As of 2006 Lyme Disease is listed as the fastest growing epidemic in the US with more than 20,000 new cases per year.


In the field cases for natural exposure to the organism, following an incubation period of 2-5 months post tick bite, most dogs suffer no Lyme Disease symptoms although they test positive.  5% of exposed dogs get fever, anorexia, lameness but all respond quickly to Doxycycline, the antibiotic of choice.


In experiments done at Pennsylvania’s Veterinary School, Beagle puppies that had symptoms when purposely infected with Borrelia burgdorferi (the spirochete attributed to Lyme disease) experienced 4 days of self limiting lameness and fever which resolved with no treatment. Adult Beagle dogs exhibited no sickness at all; they just became Lyme positive on the test. None of the experimental infections performed at Penn’s Veterinary school found any of the dogs or puppies to suffer flu-like, cardiac, or neurological symptoms. Conclusion:


95% of dogs naturally exposed to Lyme do not get sick

Dr. Littman found this to be true as well.  In the northeast, where Lyme disease positives are highest, 70-90% of healthy dogs have Lyme positive tests. Asymptomatic cases are not treated. They should however have urine protein tests to determine kidney involvement. Dogs that also test positive for Anaplasmosis, another tick disease, are more likely to have symptoms. (Littman MP VMD, Dipl ACVIM Penn School of Vet Med) Neurological symptoms are not immediately apparant.


In other breeds, more significant symptoms have been reported; lymphadenopathy and more often in Labradors and Golden Retrievers, serious kidney disease with protein-losing nephropathy which may not respond to antibiotics. This kidney disease however is immune mediated and relates to the immune response to the infectious agent antigens OR to the antigens used in the Lyme vaccines. This (kidney) damage is from the immune system antibody as it complexes with the antigen from either repeated natural exposure or from vaccine boosters. Reports of Lyme Nephritis without any organisms found on renal biopsies suggests that significant immunopathology results from the antigen as it engages with the immune system and the disease is just as easily caused by the vaccine as it is from repeated exposure to natural infection. (reference 1)


If the disease pathology can be triggered from antigen alone, it means that vaccines are capable of inducing disease and that the more vaccines are administered, the more cumulative damage will be conveyed.


Indeed the pathological effects of painful arthritis and neurological symptoms of disease including cognitive dysfunction can be conferred through Lyme disease vaccine. The lipoprotein antigen used in all Lyme vaccines, including the Lymerix vaccine for humans (recalled for the severe adverse events of the vaccine) is now understood to generate autoimmune disease in vaccinated populations. (reference 2)


*** the lipoprotein used in the Lyme vaccines are highly conserved agents in other disease causing pathogens, the molecular mimicry afforded to the biochemical structure makes the Lyme tests used also cross react with Syphilis, HIV, Leptospirosis, Legionnaires and other agents.  The lipoprotein is so inflammatory that the drug companies are using it as an adjuvant.......which means the Lyme Syndrome is going to affect some people where the source is from a drug or vaccine, not only Lyme vaccines.


Indeed there is ample evidence that Lyme Vaccine Disease is caused in part by autoimmunity. In more recent research, the term “autotoxins” is being coined to describe the damage from toxic T cells that are signaled for in the presentation of the lipoproteins of the spirochete. (reference 3)


Lyme Vaccine Known To Cause Lyme Disease

The Fort Dodge whole bacterin vaccine can cause Lyme disease [Lyme vaccine Disease] without infection from actual Borrelia. (reference 4)  The vaccines contain thimerasol (mercury) a neurotoxin and inflammatory genetic mutator.  Pittman Moore Animal Pharmaceutical Company warned the Eli Lilly Company against its safety as early as 1935 “even in dogs serum.” These safety issues were raised in Congressional testimony several times and the correspondence from Pittman Moore to Eli Lilly are a part of Congressional Hearings testimony on the dangers of mercury (thimerasol).


The whole bacterin vaccines (the Fort Dodge vaccines) were on the market for years for dogs despite the significant pathology these vaccines were associated with (including neurological symptoms) and which forced them from use in human medicine. Adverse events from these types of vaccine continue to plague our animals.


Dogs continue to be Lyme Vaccine Diseased from the use of these products. The Osp A recombinant DNA technology of the latest Lyme vaccines is touted as safe despite the recalled products in human Lyme vaccines due to safety issues.  More pathology has been linked to the antigens of Borrelia, antigens also found in the Lyme disease vaccine. Neurological syndromes that follow vaccination or infections are often attributed to auto immune mechanisms.


Neuropathy or cognitive impairment can occur within days to months following vaccination with the OspA antigen;  CIDP –chronic inflammation demyelination polyneuropathies, multifocal motor neuropathy, sensory axonal neuropathy, cognitive impairment (T2 hyper intense white matter lesions seen on magnetic resonance imaging, MRI). All of these disease patterns are also linked in humans to “chronic Lyme disease”, including “chronic Lyme vaccine disease”. These patterns of disease suggest the role of immune mechanisms in the manifestations of chronic Lyme disease that are resistant to antibiotic treatment. Reference Latov N, Wu A, Chin RL et al.


Lyme Vaccine Disease & Brain Damage

This study shows there is sufficient similarity to suggest common auto immunopathogenesis for both diseases of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Lyme Neuroborreliosis from infection by spirochetes. The pathology of facial neuritis, multiple enhancing cranial nerves, enhancing non compressive radiculitis, pediatric leptomengitis with white matter hyper intensities on MRI share both spirochete and antigen etiology for pathology. The MRI imaging white matter appearance of successfully treated LNB and MS patients also share the MRI imaging lesions found in patients suffering pathology of same type from the vaccine administration of OSP A [Ref Latov et al] so once again, real infection by spirochete or vaccine disease from vaccine antigen administration. (reference 5)


An article titled “Pets fall victim to mental health problems too” lists cognitive dysfunction as a progressive disease with “no known cause” and advises treatment with drugs like Selegeline [Anipryl], Senilife and Novofit.


The same drug company that makes the vaccines also makes drugs to treat vaccine induced/related diseases… yet they state cognitive dysfunction has “no known cause” and is progressive.


Hills Prescription Diets has a diet for this brain problem; the diet is called Brain Diet and has antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids, everything you would want to supplement a brain damaged with oxidative damage. Vaccines can cause oxidative brain damage and they are directly linked to the formation of cognitive dysfunction. Oxidative damage also contributes to a state of chronic inflammation and cancer development.


(1) Reference: Marqus AR, Hornery RL, Dally L, Philipp WT, Detection of Immune Complexes is not independent of detection of antibody in Lyme Disease patients and does not contain active infection of Borrelia, Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology Sept, 2005; 12 (9):1036-1040. Reference; Fowalt PT, Rose CD, Macubure V, Long term effects of immunization with recombinant lipoprotein outer surface protein on  a serological test for Lyme dose Clin Diagn Immunol 11:808-80.  Reference; NAVC Clinicians Brief Sept 2008 pg 46. [Western Blot C6 peptide antibody test serology and histopathology was positive but no intact Borrelia found.]

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(5) Reference: Hildenbrand P, Craven DE, Jones R, et al, Review Article Lyme Neuroborreliosis manifestation of a rapidly Emerging Zoonosis, AJNR, 2009; 30:1079-87. EST 1998 ©   20101712r199


Editor's Note: Lyme Disease Part Two - Lyme Vaccine said to be "the most dangerous medical practice..." done in veterinary offices today.  In fact, be sure to read how doctors fail to diagnose this insidiously infectious disease in humans in Lyme Disease Exposed.


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