Canine Reproduction


31 peer-reviewed papers by veterinary repro specialists and top breeders on mating mechanics, stud dogs, ovulation, speedy sperm, fertility, test tube litters, C-sections, whelping, swimmer pups…




Natural Birth Microbes

Baby or puppy, the miracle of birth transfers the mother's microbial colony to her offspring as it moves through the vaginal tract.


Test Tube Puppies

Born by in-vitro fertilization - from insemination to frozen semen, canine reproduction is booming!


Fertility Report

First comparative study on mating problems, flakey seasons, litter rejection, etc.


The Mechanics Of Mating

Hall Of Fame Breeder on managing the stud dog and brood bitch.


The Brood Bitch

Fertility In The Purebred

Why pampered purebreds have reproductive problems.


Estrus Bitch, A Wolf In Dog Clothes 

The domestic dog evolved from the wolf and shares many mating and estrus simulariitiesJane Barber, DVM, canine reproduction specialist says domestic dogs invite pyometra.


Fat and Fertility

This R.N. says fat bitches are unlikely to conceive because fat plus THIS = temporary sterility!


Ovulation 2 + 2 + 2 = Mating

Jane Barber, DVM, MS, canine reproduction specialist - the absolute BEST way to time ovulation.


Whelping The Litter

Birthing Puppies, Angels Wait

What to do? Your bitch has been in labor for hours, no vet available, desperate...


Rx For Whelping

Preventing mashed pups, overheating, dehydration, the whelping nest, no milk...


Digging, Shredding

Mother dogs do odd things when in labor and whelping puppies, be prepared to help her.


newborn puppy with placenta attached to umbilical cordCutting The Umbilical Cord

How long to leave intact after birth to prevent lung and brain damage.


C-Section: Before and After

Litter rejection, no milk and other hormonal or behavioral problems.


Raising The Litter

Swimming Puppy Syndrome

What causes it and are single-puppy litters more likely to produce a swimmer?


Swimmer Pup Syndrome

Help for flat chests, inner ear, righting reflex, and possibly genetics.


Solution To Swimmers

Rib-sprung puppies can be saved by this breeder's simple method and how-to photos!


Renowned Veterinarians & Breeders contribute to

Canine Reproduction and expert mating/whelping information



Foundation Female Forgotten

At what point as a show dog breeder comes a change and the dogs become less important than winning, power, prestige…?


In God's Hands

When it comes to giving new life, birthing is out of our hands when, foaling or whelping, you call a vet and say a prayer.


Dog Breeding 101

Learn from this fascinating look at three dog breeders, the Initiate, Intermediate, and the Survivor.


Reproductive Problems?

The science of excitotoxins and estrogen inhibitors in the food supply.



Missed seasons?  Nature's canine reproduction science, for you and your dog!


Sunlight Deprivation

causes irregular estrus cycles, bone and joint deformities, cancer, etc.


The Stud Dog

Sterile Studs and Fluoride

Is your stud dog having breeding or fertility problems, either low libido or conception rate? Sperm count is low but your veterinarian is stumped?


The Mating Dance

How the stud dog reacts to scent stimulus, hormone cycles, and estrus.


The working stud dog knows when a bitch is ready to breed - his nose knows!The Stud Dog Knows

Owner of the #1 Working Dog Sire on timing and successful canine reproduction.


Ovulation Timing

Vaginal cytology is good but how to check the bitch’s knot and read the stud dog is better.


Sperm Motility Frozen Semen

Learn Canine Reproduction from Texas A&M equine sperm motility study.


Speedy Sperm reach the egg first and stand the best chance of fertilizing firstSpeedy Sperm Aids Conception

Why elevating rear for AI doesn't help, by C. White, DVM, MS


Preventing Mating Problems

Cystitis, strictures, or thick hymens can lead to artificial insemination (AI) and ...


Canine Estrus Cycle

by Joni L. Freshman DVM, “Successful breeding management ... "


Being a Dog Breeder

Silent Seasons Poll Results

Missed matings put a dent in successful canine reproduction!



I sleep by the whelping box, breathe life into a stillborn puppy...


The X Factor Formula

Master Dog Breeder explains the genetic X- factor and how to use it.


Baby Joey

What defines a dog breeder? Having puppies? Or having the only place to keep a puppy…


Fading Puppies

If you've cried when they died, you will be grateful for this simple solution.


Genetic canine health is important!GENETIC HEALTH


Good breeders select for phenotype and genotype to preserve quality.