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Best Collection Of Classic Poems And Tales To Touch The Heart


“Of all the sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest of all is it might have been.”

~ Barbara "BJ" Andrews December 2021


Hand Of God On New Years

A dog in the dark, bloody feet, no teeth, a little broth... and the hand of God.


Hand Of God and an Old Blanket - Becky Loyd


The Cab Ride

Under these circumstances, drivers would just honk, wait a minute, then drive away...


THE CAB RIDE: The cab arrived at 2:30 a.m., the building was dark except for a single light... this story will stay with you all year.  Don't thank us, just offer someone a ride...


Signs And Symbols

An ominous owl and an enraged bear reveals spirit guides you may have only sensed.



The Many Goodbyes Of Dogs

We all know about saying Goodbye to a beloved dog but think about this...



Little Dog Toby

Not always called Toby but rather, Little Yellow Dog Under The Stairs...



Night Watch

Guaranteed to comfort, as you smile, wipe tears, and hold your dog closer…


Spend this shift with an amazing nursing home worker and we guarantee you will be comforted as you smile


Parable Of The Dog Clan

As timely as morning coffee, can you identify the characters in the tower?



Water For Man's Best Friend

A man and his dog were walking along a road when it occurred to him...


Interesting Oddities, The Number 4

If this gets you thinking, share it with others who are curious.


The Dog That Does Not Bark

There is purpose here - AKC judge shares what was meant to be...


High Flight

A short reminder of heroes who give their lives for your freedom.


Losing Canine Friends

... will make you rejoice and weep at the same time…


Old Dog Gone

You're not prepared for him to go but dogs are different, that you know.


Bathing a cat can be hilarious!Giving Your Cat a Pill

Own a cat?  This will make you laugh ... and hug your dog!


Pick Of The Litter

Bunny was pick of the heart for AKC judge Katie Gammill.



It wasn’t his name and there was a reason he was at shelter but that’s the story…


Old Man and His Dog

True story of a cantankerous old man and why seniors need a best friend.


Death Of A Mad Dog

Comic satire on the way outward appearances are often at odds with private feelings and behaviors.


Point Of View

This poem by renowned AKC Judge, is super-short and will stay in your thoughts...


Animal Owner Wisdom

Short dialog between a cat-owning mother and her dog-owner daughter.


Of Dog And God

From sleeping companion to hunting partner to fierce protector..


Spirit dogs can seem like a wolf spiritSpirit Dog

Does your dog seem too much like a previous dog? Maybe he IS your dog...


Borzoi Spirit Dog

Ajax the Borzoi was her spirit dog.


The Spirit of US

Equus is about a horse but Jack Vance speaks to all who love, train, and show dogs.


If a Dog Were Your Teacher

by 'unknown' - the world would be a better place...



Neighbor's barking dog driving you nuts?  A "rock-solid" solution guaranteed to keep you awake...


The Meaning Of M.U.T.T.

by Jim Willis - Better read this one!


Shakespeare's Dogs

Dog show judge combines his love of dogs and Shakespeare in this 'literally' fascinating read.


Old Dog Gone

You expect it but can't accept it. This will help...


Rondeau, Death of a Dog

When they whimper in the darkness, we gain insight...


The Old Man

Let this open your heart and mind. It will stay with you, intrude on your thoughts...


Dog's Bedtime Prayer

A poem as short as a Bulldog's tail, it is loyalty without fail, so thank you Lord for giving me, the dog that shares his bed with me...


Tribute To A Dog

U.S. Senator's very short closing argument moved the jury and will make you blink..



Never be at a loss for words! Jot these down and whip them on your friends.


WW1 German Shepherd war dog and soldierTwo Dogs In war-time 1940's

True Story of a German Shepherd Dog in 1940s Austria. English translation by Fred Lanting


What Is It About Terriers?

Terriers a bit like terrier people, never at a loss for words, Mighty Mouth was typical.



A thought provoking look at pet abandonment.


Childhood Despair

What if there were no circus for your child? No hotdogs, ice cream? and no pet.


One More Dog

Unknown - We've all "been there" and will no doubt do it again.


Who Says I Don't Care For My Dogs?

It is me who cares for my dogs!


The Miracle of A Dog

by cancer patient, dog breeder Diane Sandberg-Mulligan


Queenie, a Special Border Collie

She did sheepdog trials her way, with a handicap... and with heart!


Romance Of Rex

Otherwise known as a Tale Of A Pedigreed Piddling Pup, this classic is from 1935.


Where To Bury A Dog...

There's only one place and you'll find it here.


The Dog Who Was

From the wet whelp to the dog who was our friend - tribute to Bigson.


The Last Battle

Don't grieve that it must be you who has to decide this thing to do...


Dog's Last Will

What would your dog include?  This is short, just a photo and a few words.


Rainbow Bridge

A brand new look at a very famous place.


Dogs Who Wait In Heaven

Devoted dog owners wonder if their dog will be there so this makes sensible sense.


Today I Ate My Enemy

No Greater Scorn than Knife and Fork, No Greater Triumph than the Plate.


If We Learned From Our Dogs

The world would surely be a better place.  Short and to the point.


Fat Dogs Can't Swim

The hysterically funny true story of a Mini-Bull's near-drowning.


An Angel's Kiss

When something special is only with us for a short time, this is what we must treasure.


The Magic Cave - The Story - Chapter One

No better gift to your child than taking time to read this story to him or her.


The Magic Cave - The Readying - Chapter Two


The Magic Cave - The Journey - Chapter Three



Little girl looking for shelter puppy and finally mom understands what she wants.


Just A Dog

The one thing that gives us humanity and keeps us from being "just a man or woman."


The Power Of The Dog

Rudyard Kipling at his best - on losing a dog.


The Old Dog's Secret

It will make you think, wipe your eyes, and rebalance!


How Could You?

DO NOT read without a clear conscience about every dog you've let go.


Where Dogs Come From...

More than a little truth here. Guaranteed to make you (and Adam) smile.


Sleeping Dogs

Why do we do this?  Because pack animals bed down together. Read this to learn the rules.


Reason To Send Email

Read this and forward. We promise you will want to share with your best friends!



What do Lanting, Kipling and the evolution of the American GSD have to do with each other?


When I Got My New Dog

Reminder of WHY we got that dog AND what it gave to us.


In The Valley

by Dr Roberta Lee - A Warm Fuzzy children's story adults will read time and time again...



Page 1 has lotsa photos for Halloween fun.


On All Hallow's Eve

the dog reverted to... read, and pull your children closer, and put the dog out tonight.


Why Dogs Hate Halloween!!!

Check out Page 2


I'm Drinking From My Saucer

by Dr. Lee - There's a real good reason. We should all be so lucky!


Lucky Lady

Submitted by Dr. Roberta Lee - Another sad but true story, thankfully, with a Hitchcock ending.


Newly Approved Crossbreeds

They sure knew what they were do'in.  I'd buy one, and so will you!


Do I Go Home Today?

by 'unknown' - If this poem doesn't make you want to hug your best friend, nothing will.


Top Ten Reasons To Be A Dog

"... no matter where it itches, no one will be offended if you scratch it in public."


Carol’s Birds

A moving experience that crosses paranormal parameters.


Dog People

An unusual perspective by breeder and international judge.


Kipling's Best Dog Poems

Among the greatest poets of all time, this dog lover captures what we desperately love, and how we miss them...


What My Dog Asked Of Me

PLEASE! Print out for every new puppy owner - or the neighbor, or ..... See Why!


Cowboy Ethics

Are as true today as when they formed America and our most valuable traditions.


Ride A Crippled Horse Home

Multi-Group judge captures the journey through dog show sports in this poetic saga.


Sonnets For The Whelping Box

Extraordinary dog poetry by All Breeds dog show judge


Dogs Last Battle

Putting your dog to sleep is a trust you must keep...


Hopi Indian Prayer

Do not stand by my grave and weep, I am not there. I do not sleep.


Remembering Sachmo

The Akita, #1 sire of all Working Breeds, his legacy of Akita type and character lives on.


The Christmas Puppy's Tale

THE CHRISTMAS PUPPY'S TALE: A puppy asks his mother what Christmas means and what she told him is the ultimate gift.A puppy asks his mother what Christmas means and what she told him is the ultimate gift.


Christmas at Arlington Cemetery

They gave the ultimate gift and he gives over 5,000 wreaths. Say Thank You.


Shorty’s Story

The best Christmas gift this little Poodle could have had was life. Get Kleenex ready.


A Shelter Dog's Night Before Christmas

A poem or a condemnation of our celebration?


Doggy Mom's Letter To Santa

Her Christmas list includes a recording of the Dog Whisperer saying...


The Night Santa Came

THE NIGHT SANTA CAME: He delivered a Christmas message and a lesson ... well, you gotta read it.He delivered a Christmas message and a lesson ... well, you gotta read it.


Therapy Dog Christmas

They perform miracles for hospice patients. An owner's true story.


A Different Christmas Poem

A reminded of how lucky to be "home of the free".  This soldier says it all...


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