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Sachmo The Akita, owner-handled show ring legend and Top sire of all Working Breeds until science (frozen sperm) made him #2 but his legacy and genetic contribution to Akita type and character lives on.



by Barbara (BJ) Andrews


He came into our home that day

His slanted eyes aglow

With all the wisdom of the ancients,

As though he seemed to know

Of greater dreams and prophesies

And secrets yet untold;

Of snow capped peaks and lotus blooms

And scrolls not yet unrolled.


With awkward effort to maintain

A balance yet uncertain,

We offered him both food and drink

To break the silken curtain...

With studied patience, he just sat

And stared into the distance –

Until late that night a bowl of milk

Broke down his young resistance


And so it was when we retired,

Expecting plaintive cries,

We lifted him upon our bed,

But much to our surprise –

Our new best friend demanded "down"

And laid down by the door;

T’was there he slept for all his years,

In comfort on the floor.


Demonstrative he never was

And yet, we came to know

His steps treading in the night

As he watched for friend or foe.

We knew his snarl when danger loomed,

His patience with the small,

His deep concern when we were ill,

And his loyalty to us all.


We took him to the largest shows

And he won with due acclaim.

A haughty showman, bold and proud,

A Champion of fame.

From Coast to Coast he conquered all,

But then he let us know

That there were more important jobs

And seeds he had to sow....


And so we brought him home to stay

For he had earned the right

To found a living dynasty,

A beacon in the night.

His sons and daughters carried on

His torch to light the way,

While the old man dozed beside my chair,

His muzzle growing gray.


Then last Spring that Patriarch

With aged dignity

Implored me with his misty eyes,

And head against my knee,

To take him out - to go with him

Wherever he would lead.

And so we walked, just he and I,

Each in our great need.


We climbed the path where as a pup

He’d romped in joyful glee.

We paused for just a moment

Beside his favorite tree.

I do not know how long we sat

Up on that wooded crest,

And then I felt his grizzled head

Sag against my breast.


Some of you have never known

The joy a dog can bring.

The way a puppy’s wagging tail

Can cause the heart to sing.

And so no doubt, it’s just as well,

For neither will you cry

With heavy heart and wounded soul

When your best friend says goodbye.


reprinted from Akita Handbook,

Tribute to Ch. Okii Yubi's Sachmo Of Makoto, ROMXP, All-Time #1 Working Group Sire

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