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Poetry can be silly, boring, hard to read or when about dogs, maudlin but this poem by renowned AKC Judge, is super-short and will stay in your thoughts...


Point of View

Fred Lanting, All-Breed and Sieger/Schutzhund Judge, SAAB Member


I need not read into your eyes

Anthropomorphic fantasies,

Nor mysteries

Of ancient Eastern rite,

As some with Siamese or Persians might.


Your love’s an open book

You look to me as I to Paradise.

My finger traces ‘‘dog’’ on frosted glass

And you, from out there on the grass,

Perceive me writing ‘‘god.’’

Copyright © July 2021


Editor's Note: Fred Lanting is a retired organic chemist and college instructor. He has lectured around the world on breeding, judging, canine movement, and CHD (canine hip dysplasia). Click here for poetry and more Books by Fred Lanting 




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