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Devoted dog owners agree “dog is God spelled backwards” and think of it as just a saying but this famous religious scholar explains why it became an adage!





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In her TV show, Dr. Roberta Lee says that God is the perfect Being worshipped in Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. And as a renowned religious scholar, she sees “dog is God spelled backwards” as a significant phrase for teachable purposes.



Dr. Lee earned four PhD degrees, one of which was in Comparative Religion. See her profile in the NetPlaces Network Science And Advisory Board below.


In many cultures the dog is the tangible example of love without limit. Domestic dogs may not be treated as well in some countries as they are in America but the significant fact is that the dog doesn’t care. No matter how badly abused or starved, the dog is loyal to his master.


If you are on good terms with God, you know how forgiving He is… So you understand why so many people agree that DOG is GOD spelled backwards. But beyond the saying, let’s look at some examples. You’ve heard about the neighbor who beat and kicked his dog? Even so, when the abuser called, the dog came, perhaps groveling in fear but it responded to that person.


Not for food or shelter or petting. The dog came to its cruel master because God made dogs that way. There’s a lesson here. I learned it from Dr. Lee and you can too…


Does God forsake a murderer or child killer? No. Even an avowed atheist can call on God and be comforted. Now think about this…an abused dog will crawl to his master’s side when it knows that its person needs comfort. A Minister, Priest or Rabbi could do no more.


So, ask yourself WHY the dog is so devoted to humans? Unless caged or tied, any canine is capable of finding water, food and shelter. So why do dogs put up with unspeakable abuse from humans?


D-o-g and G-o-d are the tangible examples of love without limit in all advanced cultures.


The dog forgives us humans for all of the indignities, betrayals, and even the unspeakably sadistic cruelties “mankind” inflicts on them.



I hear you thinking… that dogs have sharp teeth so they are not defenseless. That is true but they don’t use those weapons against their person. We, as a species, take out our frustrations on dogs, beating and kicking them. We jab them with needles, we take their babies from the nipple (and heartlessly kill them) and still the dog forgives us.


We fence in, tie up, and worst of all, routinely cage dogs for unending hours. Think about that. Humans confine a species whose immediate ancestor (the wolf) travels 12 to 40 miles every day. OK and even more horrific, think about the thousands of laboratory dogs crammed into banks of crates that allow them to “stand up and turn around” but NOT to stretch out on their sides as all dogs do when totally relaxed.


Dr. Roberta Lee said and we agree, dogs have a soul and more than that, the dog has a purpose. One doesn't have to be a religious scholar to know that dogs are what God intended all people to be.


So how is it that one of the oldest and most-debated questions among dog owners is “do dogs go to Heaven?” To our credit, the most common answer is something to the effect of "If they don't, it won't be Heaven..."

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