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by Roberta Lee, DD., PhD., ND.


By now the people of Htrae knew that there were many other planes of existence surrounding them, and that even the unseen ones had to be dealt with in a learned and loving way, so that those life forms might become loving and harmonious.


The Htraeian people had very open minds, when something new was introduced into their scope of understanding; they did not disbelieve it. They investigated it, learned all they could about it, because they knew that there was still so much about life that even they had not learned yet.


Another thing about Htrae that made living there so wonderful, was that there were no racial or religious biases. Oh, on Htrae there were people that looked different from one another to be sure. They had black, brown, tan, yellow, ivory, white, pink, red, green blue, violet and orange-skinned people. This was of no importance. A person was loved for what he was INSIDE, not outside. What did he or she do for the community of Htrae and for yet undiscovered people and places?  That was what made the inside work.


So you see, it was not unusual that the Wise Ones knew that it was time for Dlanor to begin his mission. That evening, they put out the mental message to Dlanor that he should come to the Magic Cave. This was very special indeed. Not everyone got to see inside the Magic Cave. It was for those individuals of higher learning in the most spiritual studies. So this was quite an event for Dlanor.


And so it was as Dlanor slept, his spirit had left his body, hearing the call from the Wise Ones. When Dlanor entered the Magic Cave, he appeared as though he was a holograph. It was not his physical body that went to the Cave, it was his spiritual body.


The Wise Ones were all seated in a circle and in the middle of the circle was a diesis. It was on this diesis that the spirit body of Dlanor stood. This is what took place in that very ancient Magic Cave.




The cave was not some dark and dirty place. Oh no, on the contrary. The walls looked as though they were covered in gold but yet these walls did not seem solid. They shimmered and seem to move ever so slightly as though they were breathing. There were two types of lighting but Dlanor could not make out where either was coming from. One seemed to be electric blue and the other seemed to be white. But not just white! It was the brightest white that Dlanor had ever seen.


The floor of the Cave seemed to be translucent, and yet you could not see through it. Dlanor didn’t know what type of stone it was, or whether or not it was stone. All he knew was that it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen. The Wise Ones all seemed to shimmer too. Each with a variety of colors moving in and about them at all times. Dlanor noticed that if one of the Wise Ones spoke, the colors would move more rapidly and change according to what the Wise One was saying or thinking.


Dlanor’s attention was drawn to the far edge of the circle of Wise Ones where there were animals. The animals were lying back in restful repose. Dlanor could make out a flow, raeb, and an elgae. Dlanor knew that there were more animals than he could not see but all at once one of the Wise Ones started talking to Dlanor.


“Our son, we are very pleased with your progress, and we know that you are far more progressed than the average boy on our planet. But, even for you who seem so advanced, this is a very dangerous journey. The place that you are going to is absolutely unadvanced, blood thirsty, uncaring, and an unenlightened plane. There are many perils that you will encounter, and you will be alone. All you will have with you will be what you have learned here at home. You will be allowed to come back for replenishment once every season. That is all that we can allow. You can call on no one, save yourself and your Guide Teacher. Do you understand?”


Dlanor let this sink into his mind. The Wise Ones made it sound like they were sending him to his death. But he knew better. Dlanor looked at each of the Wise Ones, there were twenty two in all. He knew that they would never send him to do a job that they themselves didn’t believe that he could accomplish.


“I understand Oh Wise Ones.”


“Are you ready to leave?” asked a Wise One.


This took Dlanor by surprise. He knew that he was to be leaving but he had no idea that it would be right now, tonight, this minute. He swallowed hard, and hoped that his voice wouldn’t crack as he replied, “Yes, Wise One, I am ready.”


Another Wise One began to speak “You must listen very carefully to all that we have to tell you right now. It may mean the difference in your survival, or demise. Do you understand?”

Dlanor nodded his head and tried to answer in his most manly voice, “Yes Wise One, I understand; I am ready to accept the information.”


Suddenly lights poured forth from each of the Wise Men and entered Dlanor in the center of his forehead. Every color that you could imagine was in those lights. This continued for at least half an hour as we count time. When the Wise Ones were through transmitting information, the colors subsided.


In unison the Wise Men said, “It is time, our young one. May the blessings of the Rotaerc be with you, and guide you.”


With that Dlanor vanished off of the dieses.


Dlanor was being drawn down this long tunnel. Faster and faster, around and around. Lights whizzing by.  At first there was beautiful music and then sounds like wind whistling through the narrow cracks in an old wooden shack. Dlanor tried to right himself but it was useless. He tried to focus his eyes to see what was slamming past him at super sonic speed. But the force of the speed made his eyes just tiny slits. At first the colors had been beautiful but then they became all muddy and ugly. Now there was a foul odor.


There was a voice that he could almost hear. At first it was just a whisper, and then Dlanor could make out the words. Who was with him? He tried to look about but could not turn his head. The voice was…. It was Nahtan, his teaching guide through all of the unseen realms that he had traveled before. Nahtan had been with Dlanor all of his remembering years. He had learned, no, he had really always known, that he could trust Nahtan as much as he would trust his parents.


Nahtan was telling him now,….”My bright one, you will soon see these beautiful colors fade and become muddy and clouded, the music will begin to sound confused and the harmonious feelings that you now feel will be gone, and the feeling of confusion and dis-harmony will surround you. You will have to remember the Light and the strength that you have found in the Cimsoc Ecruos.


This is the most IMPORTANT thing that I have to tell you so listen very carefully and remember well.  My voice will become dim to you but I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU as is the love strength of Eiram and Samoht. You must at all times stay balanced and harmonious within yourself or you will encounter great difficulty and may become bound to this unhappy plane for the rest of your years… Remember Dlanor…. balance and harmony….and may the Cimsoc Ygrene always ….be with you.”


And then Nahtan’s voice was no more.


Suddenly Dlanor slammed to a stop. It jarred every atom in his being. And the sounds that came to Dlanor’s senses hurt his ears and the colors were almost frightening. Both were harsh and very menacing, almost cruel and very discordant. For one brief micro second Dlanor was almost fearful for the first time in his life, but the words of Nahtan came back to him. “I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU, AS IS THE LOVE STRENGTH OF EIRAM AND SAMOHT. YOU MUST STAY BALANCE AND HARMONIOUS WITHIN YOURSELF OR YOU WILL ENCOUNTER GREAT DIFFICULTY AND MAY BECOME BOUND TO THIS UNHAPPY PLANE FOR THE REST OF YOUR YEARS.” And with that Dlanor found himself on solid ground.


It took him some time to really get his balance. Oh my, thought Dlanor, this IS quite a different place. Everything about it hurt all of his senses. His eyes hurt, in fact tears had started streaming down his face and his head throbbed from all of the noises that affronted him; his mouth filled with a horrible taste, and he craved the serenity of his beautiful Htrae.


Well he was here! But where in the world was here?

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Editor's note: We do not know the ending to this story. Dr. Roberta Lee was unexpectedly taken away but we do not mourn. She has given our readers a glimpse of the wonders that await us and we look forward to joining her there... If you missed the beginning... Go Back to The Magic Cave, Chapter One "The Story"



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