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by Roberta Lee "Dove", DD., PhD., ND.


I am going to tell this story as near as my memory will serve me. I know that you may have a hard time believing it, but to this day, if asked, I will say that it is all true. Now, it is up to you to decide. I can no longer go to this valley and the magic cave that dwells there so I cannot show it to you. You will have to use that gift all sentient beings have, it is called imagination.



It was a beautiful morning, and Dlanor was sitting in his home having breakfast looking out into his yard. This was going to be a big day in Dlanor’s life. Maybe even the most important day of his entire life. Dlanor was just staring out into the backyard of his home. His mind was miles away from the yard that was so green and lush that you couldn’t tell where the yard ended, and the valley began.


Dlanor’s mother was somewhere in the house, busy doing all the things that mothers do in the mornings. He could hear her beautiful voice softly singing as she did her work. There were many types of people on HTRAE. The people who covered the sphere of Htrae were of all colors. They lived differently from one another in a lot of ways, but they all lived well, and they were all healthy, beautiful and happy.


Dlanor thought that his mother was uncommonly beautiful though and his father was handsome and fun to be with too. He spent much of his time playing with Dlanor and talking with him so that his training would be complete when Dlanor became a man. And that might come sooner than anyone thought even though his family was a happy home. For some reason, this morning, Dlanor was slightly troubled.


As he sat eating absent mindedly, he thought about the scene before his eyes. Everything in his world was so beautiful. For as far as the eye could see, where ever you looked, where ever you were on Htrae, it was beautiful and clean. But after all he thought, that is the way people on Htrae were taught and the way they lived. They didn’t know any other way to be.


As Dlanor looked out the window, he saw the clear blue sky; the color of a Nibbor’s egg, and there were the different shades of green in all of the different trees, and shrubs, and grasses that seemed to glisten in the morning’s dew. The flowers were perfect in their shapes and colors, so vibrant and pure that they looked like precious stones just lying in the grass. He let his eyes wander to the animals that were playing or peacefully eating. There was baby Reed feeding from her mother. And over there, was mother Flow and her pups playing on the grass. There was no fear here, no apprehension to frighten them away. The animals were not only in the forest and valley but they fed and frolicked in his yard.


Dlanor looked around still in his reverie noticing how bright and cheery his home was. How he could notice the soft fragrance of flowers floating on the air. Yes, he loved Htrae and everything on it.


As Dlanor sat looking around, everything was naturally familiar but on this particular morning he felt slightly strange. He felt as though he had to drink in every sight, smell and sound. It was as though he might never see any of this again. He paid particular attention to his surrounding inside of his house too. He noticed that whenever someone entered a room, if it had been dark, it was automatically lighted to just the right light intensity. Never too bright, and never too dark. Nobody had to do anything, it just happened.


All of the furniture automatically adjusted to the height and weight of the person that was going to sit in it. He noticed his mother going into the food room and thought about the many compartments it held, so that the food was kept according to the type of food it was, and the particular environment and temperature, that would keep it the freshest.


As his mother came out of the food room with what she would fix for the mid-day, he watched her move to the cooking surface. How wonderful it seemed to him that the food could sit there, and with no sign of heat of any kind, by pushing buttons on the environment control panel, the food would be ready when it was needed.


Having done this, his mother moved to the room that cleaned the apparel that they covered their beautiful bodies with, and put it into different compartments; then they would be de-odorized and made to look new without the benefit of soap or water, and no chemicals of any nature.


The types of clothes that they wore, of course, depended on the type of activity they were engaging in, but for the majority of the time, it was either long to the ground or thigh length (as your preference decided) loose fitting, except around the waist where it belted, robe type clothes. The material was all different types and colors.


Dlanor’s mother noticed that her son was particularly deep in thought this morning, and unusually quiet, “What’s wrong my son? You seem very still and deep in your mind. Is there a troubling there I may help you to understand?” she said as she smiled at him.

I have not yet understood, my mother, what is wrong. Upon the last eves resting I met a boy, and saw some very strange, and not compatible things that I don’t understand.” Dlanor said absent mindedly.


His mother stopped what she was doing and looked at her son “ And this is the troubling of your mind?


“I’m not sure, I just can’t seem to recall all of what we did.” He mused.


This was an alert to Dlanor’s mother. It was quite unusual that he could not recall his night thoughts.


Dlanor had been taught from birth, as all Htrae people were, that the night thoughts in your mind were as important as your waking thoughts. The Htrae people knew that because the mind never rests, the night thoughts was the mind still working at solving problems you experienced during your waking time, and it was still busy teaching you, even while you slept.


So this told Dlanor’s mother that what Dlanor’s waking mind did not want to accept. But what could that be? Could it be time already? No, surely not, Dlanor wasn’t quite at the age yet. No, it just couldn’t be.


Dlanor was exceptionally bright, and had already been picked to be a Master Teacher. This was a rare honor for one that was only forty seasons old. Dlanor’s mother was a Master, as was his father, and she knew that it was not the easiest road for any mortal to walk. She had been told when she was 32 seasons old, and his father had been told at 48 seasons. It wasn’t impossible that the time had come, but as she looked at him sitting there, he just seemed to young to be ready. Her only child. Her beloved Dlanor. Could it be? She made a mental note that she would have to talk to Dlanor’s father about this, when he arrived home.


She knew too, that for now she must let him think out this troubling for himself, and when sufficient time had gone by, Dlanor would ask for an interpretation of what the troubling meant. But first he must test his own growing ability, to see if he could advance himself into understanding.


She smiled down at him, sitting at the table deep in his mind, and she offered, “why don’t you go and work the Retupmoc Lenap? I’m sure that it may be able to help you with your troubling, if you feed it the night thought.


Dlanor looked up and replied, “that is the problem my mother, I have tried to recall my night thoughts from last eve, however, there is a block in my mind, and it won’t advance beyond that point.


His mother smiled gently and said "son, even if the Retupmoc Lenap cannot help you for today, it will keep a running log of the information, and explore all of the possibilities. As you know, with this added information, it will help your own mind sort through your day thoughts, and help your night conscious mind to accept what is being added to your teachings.”


Dlanor smiled and nodded that he would do as she suggested. He had complete trust and faith in his mother. With that, the unsettled feeling seemed to be lifted somewhat, and he decided that what he would do, after he worked on the Retupmoc lenap, was to go outside, and talk to the animals for a while until his father returned home.


That eve while he and his parents sat in the Elcric of Thgil, saying their thoughts to the Rotaerc of the Somsoc, Dlanor’s lights turned the softest pink, which is the color of love. His thoughts said, if he had been given the evening night thoughts, he must be old enough, and advanced enough, to accept and understand what the Rotaerc had been so wise as to advance to him. So Dlanor then asked in his thoughts, if he could receive help, so as not be afraid of what was being taught.


With that question being put to the Rotaerc, the Elcric of Thgil grew more brilliant. He knew then, he was being placed on the path of a major helper. This thought brought such peace to Dlanor in his heart and mind, that he became so excited that his energy light bounced all over the room. Dlanor’s parents, just watched as this excitement grew.


Dlanor’s parents just smiled because, although they respected Dlanor’s privacy, their thoughts that eve in the Elcric of Thgil had been directed to their son. Asking that the Rotaerc would help them to be attuned to Dlanor’s needs. They also recognized that this was the beginning of his journey. They heard the answer, “The time is approaching.” Yes, their son was growing to maturity. And his time had come.


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