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Old dogs, war dogs, puppies or strays,

Poetry has power to brighten our days.




Open your mind… Do you have this dog the Creator intended? There is purpose here as an AKC judge shares what was meant to be. No tears just uncanny insight...



E. Katie Gammill, AKC Judge, Exhibition Editor - April 2009


There is a dog in everyone’s life

that when our heart opens, it enters the light.

It dwells in shadows, moves through the dark

It’s the dog of our youth. This dog doesn’t bark.

It never appears in the bright of the day,

It’s at night when the slowness of hours tick away.

Or perhaps in our dreams of long expired youth,

It’s this dog that won’t bark that exposes the truth.


The dog catching balls through the mud and the fields,

It’s the dog chasing after our bicycles wheels.

It’s the dog ever faithful that makes our lives free,

It heals broken hearts with a nudge and a plea.

It’s the dog that waits for school to dismiss,

It’s the dog that wags gaily and begs for a kiss.

It’s the dog that wears dresses; it’s the dog in the log

chasing small creatures. Just a boy and his dog.


It’s the dog who lay quiet as we fish in a brook,

The dog bored, but patient, as we read from our books.

Returning from college, with true loyalty

this love never waivered, we’re welcomed with glee.

With a gray muzzle, the legs stiff and sore,

this dog asks for nothing and gives so much more.

This is the dog in everyone’s life,

that remains ever faithful and stays by our side.


So when this dog enters a slice of your eve,

receive it with joy, beg it not leave.

Though shadows conceal it, it lives in our hearts,

and carries sweet memories, this dog that won’t bark.

What would we give to hear one joyous yap?

Perhaps not to be, but our memories look back.

It remains ever with us, we hope in the end

we’ll be welcomed with wags and a tongue-lolling grin! EST 1998 © 2106



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