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Smothered For Your Table



This horrific method of killing livestock is guaranteed to make you sick!


Animal Testing Victory?



Will the new FDA ACT save laboratory animals in 2023?


Owners Bring Shame To Dogs



But into the grocery store food section? Here's what happened in one state, what about yours?


Protect American Animal Owners



We should add animals to this famous quote about loss of liberty...


Best Animal Welfare Countries



These countries made the international care and kindness list!


Click Federal or State animal-related Legislation from 1998 to Present

FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE INFORMATION Animal Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Constituional Rights, APHIS, PAWS, Animal Welfare Act

STATE LAWS & LEGISLATION AFFECTING DOG OWNERS, most new state laws are adopted from Federal Law or regulations such as APHIS but much of it is adapting other states


Porker Protection Passes



Pigs suffer unrelenting cruelty unless protected by Supreme Court.


Conceal Gun Carry Map



The map “speaks for itself”. Does it make you feel safer or more worried?


Texas Tough On Chaining Dogs



Makes it a crime to chain dogs and not provide adequate shelter and water.


Horse Soring, Animal Fighting



Support these two protection amendments, enhancing the existing laws!


Killing Nature's Best Friend



Wolves keep the planet clean but Idaho’s governor ordered extermination!


Heads Up Horse Lovers


Heads Up Horse Lovers: Horses transported settlers, calvary, and goods that enabled us to conquer and populate this vast country. They made the stagecoach possible. Horses plow our fields and entertain our kids.


Puppy mill horrors? We exposed them but what about horse transport?


Animal Owner Protection

Nationally known Constitutionalist on animal-owner rights in The Bill Of Rights...


Tom Vilsack AG Secretary Again



President Biden appoints Tom Vilsack to run the Dept. Of Agriculture.


The NetPlaces Network achieved passage of the Military Dog Retirement Act


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