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Diagnosing canine disease starts with "Is it contagious, acquired, or hereditary?"  Here is critical information to help you help your veterinarian diagnose and treat your dog's disease.




Foot/Hoof and Mouth Disease



We contacted a world-renowned veterinary professor re; the risks.


Coronavirus In Dogs And Cats



Coronavirus ISN'T NEW! Symptoms, side-effects, treatments for dogs and cats?


COVID-19 Information

Antibiotics don't work on China's coronavirus but this tested/common herb DOES...


Anal Gland Problems

Do-it-yourself solution for common problem with dog diets that incur vet bills...


Canine Cancer Diagnoses

Is canine cancer higher than human cancer? Have there been any cures??



A beloved family Mastiff succumbs to the MRSA bacteria previously associated only with human hospital fatalities.


Low Thyroid - Canine Plague!

Why dogs (and people) sufferhypothyroidism and how to prevent or correct this serious health problem.


Canine Mammary Gland Tumors

Insightful, realistic advice on dealing with mammary tumors in your dog, cancer surgery, actual surgical photos and...





Allergies cause sneezing, runny nose, but in your dogs, itching and scratching are the main symptomsPrevent Environmental Allergies

86% of chronic allergies in pets and children are environmental.


Dog Medicine Dosage Chart

PRINTABLE human-canine medicines from aspirin and Amoxicillin to Tetracycline and Vitamin B, indications, precautions, plus kilograms to pounds, weight and volume conversions.


Placebos and drug company advertising has NO EFFECT on animals. If medicine, alternative or conventional, helps an animal and there are visible results, then whatever it is WORKS.  Learn how this simple fact can help YOU

Lyme Disease Test?

Is your dog acting aggressive or “weird” after Lyme vaccine?  Maybe you better test him for Lyme Disease… give him a pencil and scorecard!Dog acting aggressive or “weird” after his Lyme vaccine?  Better get the test!


Lyme Disease Aggression

Vaccination reaction can be misdiagnosed as "Rage Syndrome."


Aggression and Lyme Disease

Many doctors cite this highly acclaimed medical paper which covers Lyme Rage.


Cancer Alternatives

True story proves alternative therapies can be as effective as chemotherapy and radiation!


Why Dogs Get Cancer

Plastics and fake foods can cause canine cancers and auto-immune disease.


Cancer Epidemic In Dogs

Yet few Veterinarians study cancer therapy or prevention, by Susan Thorpe-Vargas Ph.D


By Breed Cancer Study

another related study on Cancer, needs your help!


Cancer Study Needs Samples

who to contact and the flip side of such studies


Arthritis; Canine Joint Disease

Solid information about NSAIDS and helping your dog through treatment.



Ischemic Skin Disease

If your dog has a rash or pustules like these photos, it may be an insidious blood vessel disease.


Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE)

This diarrhea is a potentially deadly viral, bacterial, or toxic condition.


Elbow, Hip and Hock Problems

How to prevent slipping patellas, popping hocks, elbow and hip dysplasia.


Thyroid Biochemistry Pt 1

DOG OWNERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THYROID PROBLEMSCanine Hypothyroidism is increasingly common in 2022 but is this disease hereditary or environmental? See below for more information on  Hypothyroidism Disease and Thyroid Diagnosis Treatment.


Thyroid Diagnosis & Treatment

Hypothyroidism tests can be inaccurate and why vets fail to recognize symptoms.


Hypothyroidism: Low Thyroid Disease

causes coat, skin, behavioral problems, and weakened immune system.


Canine Gestational Diabetes

While not common, it can be fatal in pregnant bitches; cause, symptoms...


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Dalmatian Kidney Disease

AKC refuses to allow (low uric acid) dogs into gene pool to correct genetic problem.


Rimadyl Lawsuit Settled

AKC sells pet insurance so owners can afford veterinary medicines, background.


Anthrax Risk To Dogs

lower if inhaled, symptoms, treatment, by P. McNamara, DVM

Tick Bite = Meat Allergy

USDA biologists and disease experts concur on origin of a potentially deadly food allergen.


Eye Stain Problems In Dogs

If your breed is predisposed to tearing and eye stains, you can eliminate unsightly eye stains, see i StainGon? on page for more detailed information.


Top Ten reasons to take the dog to a veterinarian, dental, allergies,  ear and skin infections, stomach upsets, eye infection or injury, diarrhea, hip dysplasia.Top 10 Reasons We Go To The Vet

The top 10 canine health problems changed in 2015!  Get new information.


Top 10 Canine Health Problems

Compiled in 2010 by the CHF reveals epilepsy and canine cancers; often caused by over-vaccination.


Diagnosing Disease In Your Dog

He's refusing food, lethargic, vomiting, limping, showing signs of pain, what is the problem?


use this clipboard for your checklist to take to the veterinarianTake It To The Vet

Innovative, printable checklist for routine visits - vital for emergencies!


Epilepsy: Inherited or Acquired?

Indication of seizure onset, stopping a seizure, epilepsy treatment, prevention.


Epileptic Seizure Disorders

A seizure, fit, or convulsions may be idiopathic epilepsy; treatment depends on diagnosis.


Canine Urinary Incontinence

PPA may help but the best prevention is don't spay or neuter!


Death By Vaccinosis

The Profitable secret of Vaccine Induced Disease revealed in veterinary records, photos, and video!


Vaccinosis, The New Disease

Adverse reaction to vaccines cause long-term disease, poor health and immunity.


Lens Luxation In The Dog

Breeds affected, mode of Inheritance, diagnosis, advice, references.


Primary Lens Luxation Cases

Lens luxation in the dog is not limited to purebred dogs or any one breed even though it is a hereditary eye diseaseMini-Bull genetic list by Charles Allenden, Lens Luxation disease Registrar.


Lens Luxation in the Mini-Bull

Hereditary eye disease can now be genetically identified with new DNA tests.


CDC Labs On Probation

due to poor care and research animal deaths.


Predatory Veterinary Practices

Case history of unnecessary x-rays, ultrasound, lab tests, and fatal c-section.


Shun AR Veterinarians

who refuse simple tail docking but eagerly slice open the boy to spay & neuter.


Foot and Mouth Disease

A word of caution by Veterinary Professor Richard Fayrer-Hosken


Horrible Heartworm Treatment.

Doberman owner's 1st hand account of a heartworm treatment with Revolution.


Diagnosing Canine Health Problems

It can be tricky; breeder-judge on what to do if your pet does these things...



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