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Antibiotics DO NOT work on China’s corona virus, but this dirt-cheap University-tested common herb DOES protect against viral infections.





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We are now in a pandemic of the highly pathogenic COVID-19 bacteria. Everything is in short supply including medical help but if you’re “in dogs” you know about natural, non-patented medicinal plants collectively referred to as Herbals."  If you have herbals in any form; tincture, drops, or dried, we hope you are using them.



Ordering anything right now may prove difficult but Amazon U.S. Mail and UPS are in high gear to meet the demand for homeopathic and herbal health aids. Check out the referral info on Thieves spray below!


If you have an urgent question and no internet, call 800-CDC-INFO.

On average 80% of people who catch COVID-19 will experience only a bad cold or icky flu symptoms. This degree of viral invasion requires no medical intervention and you should be mindful of those who need a doctor. Stay home and don’t clog up the medical system.


How to protect family and pets with anti-viral and common disinfectant

In addition to your “multi-vitamins” for daily use you should also turn to what we call the alphabet of “stress vitamins”. “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, and “E” are vital to a strong immune system.


There are other LOW COST nutritional supplements that boost the effectiveness of stress vitamins and have been proven in centuries of use. Unfortunately, they have been suppressed in favor of HIGH COST “prescription drugs.” Here are two of my personal favorites.


Echinacea and Goldenseal are natural prevention against viruses

The University Of North Carolina tested Goldenseal against several strains of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria and determined that Goldenseal is indeed a “lethal antibiotic against several strains of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria”.


Echinacea and Goldenseal have been shown by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) to have an “inhibitory effect” against Epstein-Barr and other viruses. It is my personal observation that natural cures and ancient remedies are DDD (deliberately-denied-downplayed) by most medical “sources” including the CDC and other government entities.


The commercial aspect of "medicine" is re-writing recorded history and corrupting common sense.


Thieves (tradename) is an ancient virus-defender dating back to the Bubonic (Black) Plague in the 1300s. History recorded that the “gypsies” robbed the dead that littered the streets. That fact is undisputed but few sources reveal WHY they were immune to the plague and therefore “employed” to remove the infected corpses.


That you read only that the gypsies stole from the Bubonic Plague victims is proof enough that this well-documented phenomenon has been buried (by the pharmaceutical industry?) because it is/was a recorded testimonial to the effectiveness of germ-resistant herbals.


Many such herbal compounds date back to ancient times and were tried and true preventative or cures for viral infections. Personally, I would not be without a tiny spray bottle of Thieves spray in my car! My staff and family all use it. We spray hands and then swipe hands over nose and mouth and have not had a viral infection in the 30 years since we discovered that ancient product.


As a side note, if you show dogs you know there is always “something going around” the show grounds. That would apply to any indoor public event from tennis to boxing matches. We carried Thieves Spray in the motor home. Forgive me for injecting a personal note but this is important for dog show judges and exhibitors ~ We used Thieves before leaving the motorhome and again before entering it when we had been “out and about” on the show grounds. Even when Bill was undergoing chemo (immune system suppression) he never caught “the flu” or anything else going around.


For the record, we do not sell anything nor are we paid to endorse any product

If you’ve “been in dogs” for 20 years or more, you know all about canine corona virus and that it is not and never was common. There are no reports of canine coronavirus outbreaks or contagion to humans although a few hit-hungry websites are fishing for traffic on the suggestion that canine coronavirus can be transmitted to humans.


Those of you who remember the Parvovirus “epidemic” are very familiar with Clorox. Dog breeders credit judicious but consistent use of Clorox for keeping their household healthy and puppies free of parvo virus. Visitors used to have to step in a shallow pan of Clorox solution before entering the house. Today there are a vast array of non-bleach sanitizers but most breeders still keep Clorox on hand.


And if you haven’t explored the wonderful array of hand sanitizers, now is the time to do so. Make sure your guests use them. When you pick up the mail or get home with groceries – sanitize your hands again! Safe is always better than sorry….


Again, my personal unpaid advice for viral prevention, look online for Thieves spray. Unlike Clorox or some hand sanitizers, Thieves spray is safe and effective to sniff after anointing your hands and it gets the virus-killer right where it is needed! Stay healthy and hug your dog!

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