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Since the internet was born in 1998, TheDogPlace motto has been a Dog's Best Friend is a Responsible Owner




Everything You Need To Know About the Family Dog


The internet's FIRST authoritative, free information helps you choose the right breed for your family or solve problems with the dog you already have.


Whether you already have a family dog or are thinking about a new dog, start with a checklist: Apartment or Estate size? Long coat or easy groom?  Low Allergy?  High energy?  Are there seniors in your family?  Who will take care of the dog?  Kid's pet or guard dog?


Looking For A Family Dog?  Which breeds are best with kids?  Which are good family protection dogs?  Should you get a purebred?  Should a family dog be from a pet shop or a Responsible Breeder?  Is the dog going to be a real family member?

If it sounds like all these decisions could give you a headache, don't worry, peer-reviewed, veterinary approved, the FAMILY DOG SECTION is like aspirin in advance... Getting a dog is a wonderful experience that helps children learn and accept new responsibilities.


A puppy for the children should become the family dog, visit the FAMILY DOG SECTION!Did you know that kids who grow up with dogs are less prone to allergies or asthma? Take a quick peek but click "back" and learn how important sunlight is to you and your pets in...



"There is NO PLACEBO effect in animals!" so you learn twice as much...


 You've heard some breeds have more health problems than others.  True.  Perhaps you want a breed that needs less grooming than the Collie you grew up with? Explore your options in the


Explore Dog Breeds HereGALLERY OF DOG BREEDS


Learn what makes a Basenji not a Beagle and why a Wolfhound isn't suited for homes with toddlers.  Find out which breeds are best for high-rise living (and why Border Collies aren't), which breeds really are best with kids, or learn more about the guarding and personal protection breeds.  All the dog breeds are there including some of the rare breeds.




Children's stories, puzzles, and games are in The Kid's Place at TheDogPlace.orgUnites the family, teaches patience, responsibility, and a new understanding of other beings needs and feelings.  Children of any age can take part in training the new dog and in so doing, they learn all the values that you want them to carry forward into their lives.  There are lots of carefully chosen stories, some are written by our own Dr. Lee, a radio and television show psychologist who coached kids from elementary school to college.


Learn about your dog with quick but insightful Tips And Tricks



The best dog food you can feed your dog is fresh meat, fed with lots of love! High protein, no soy, no corn kibble (dry dog food) is the next best dog food and the cheapest. Learn what separates good dog food from bad canine nutrition in this complete section.DOG NUTRITION INDEX

Makes feeding your dog simple, inexpensive, and healthy for a carnivore.  Learn about BARF (bones and raw foods) nutrition.  It doesn't have to be one way.  Mix and match home cooked and the right commercial pet food. Feeding your dog is easy; people have done it for thousands of years!


The first two weeks are critical for you and your new dog so be sure to see this section on DOG DILEMMAS


DOG BOOKS REVIEWED BY THEDOGPLACE EDITORCurl up with a great book and a devoted dog at your feet. Explore DOG BOOKS or enrich your soul with classics by famous poets and original works by award-winning writers.  Nobody knows dogs like we do! Read and share DOG STORIES and POETRY!


DOG TRAINING STARTS EARLY!OBEDIENCE & GOOD MANNERS make him a pleasure to live with and the envy of your friends.  It's never too late for basic training!

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