Canine Genetics by & for Top Breeders

Canine Reproduction Information




Phenotype, genotype, DNA, genes, how to read a pedigree and separate inherited factors from environmental influences.  Information for breeders who want to contribute to the purebred gene pool.




Canine Coat Color (3)

For dog breeders, yellow coat color -ee alleles- which allows no dark pigment as in the South African Boerboels....


Canine Coat Color (2)

Liver, blue, grizzled coat colors, recently discovered K locus, by scientist, breeder, International and AKC Judge.


Canine Coat Color (1)

Practical, understandable 3 part series on the ABCs of DNA and chromosomes to control coat colors.


Creation-Evolution Mystery

Unlike anything ... dogs did not evolve, it is the only animal that came to us already domesticated and programmed to serve mankind.


one-puppy litters are not uncommon in purebred dogs, even from a Dachshund motherCanine Infertility Disease

Purebreds that fail to reproduce can be devastating to fixed-goal breeding plans.


Legg Calve Perthes Disease

A disintegration of the rear leg bone(s), usually found in smaller dogs as opposed to hip dysplasia in large breeds but it is equally as painful.


Brave New World Of Genetics

One of the most understandable articles on the complexities of canine genetics.


300 Genetic Defects; 148 breeds

Relates inherited factors to breed, helps determine heritable incidence...



Canine Chromosomes

DNA mystifies most breeders but this makes a trillion cells  countable.


Heredity: Was Darwin Wrong?

How breeders can control genes to determine coat, size, color, health.


Turn Dogs Into Canaries

Did you agree to submit your dog as a test subject?


Canine Health Certification

The sick truth behind non-genetic health certifications. Pt 1 of 2


Canine Health Testing

OFA, CERF, CHIC, CHF have inherently fatal flaws in moral and genetic logic.


Dogs depend on good breeders to keep them healthy through serious study of canine geneticsThe Emperor's Genetics

A genetic perspective on external appearances in show dogs.


Babe, Real-life Genetics

taught by a Springer Spaniel, a half-breed father, and a child’s love.


Piece Work Genetics in Dogs?

Multi-Group Judge on genetic virtues of a balanced breeding program.


Genetic Engineering For PRA

Cross-bred Lab-Golden is immune to PRA



A realistic look at genetic testing.  Take valium before reading....


Lens Luxation In The Dog

Breeds Affected, Mode of Inheritance, genetic testing, Advice, References.


Successful Dog Breeding

Group Judge on Linebreeding, Inbreeding, Outcrossing, and Backcrossing.


Capt. Haggerty On Cryptorchids

and why other Genetic Studies are needed on "missing" or un-descended testicles.


LUA Dalmatians Go AKC!

Complex genetic history from first Pointer cross-breeding.


Dalmatian DNA Tests

may eliminate genetic defect for bladder stones, high uric acid.


Dalmatian LUA Genetic Solution

AKC must admit (low uric acid) dogs into gene pool!


New Term For Crop-Dock

Newspeak invades purebred dogs, corrupting ear terminology from dropped to cropped and pricked to fixed, and potentially altering canine genetics.


Acute Respiratory Disease

The fatal canine Distress Syndrome gene discovered by Helsinki University found in 2 breeds may help human lung disease research.


DNA Smokescreen Blown Away

Just when you understand phenotype & genotype, there's common sense.


Prevention of Hip Dysplasia

Preventing CHD isn't just about genetics, x-rays, and breeding sound dogs to sound dogs. We already know that doesn't always work so what IS the key to good hips?


Saving America's Purebred Dogs

Breed Standards dictate performance and so does NASCAR! Meet the leaders in racing and learn first-hand how the slightest design change affects form and function!


Genetic Diversity DNA

Breakthrough test available at U C Davis’ Laboratory in Standard Poodles DNA.


Future Of Purebred Dogs

Is it genetics? Breeder dedication? The parent club? AKC? Or is it respect for breed type?


Genetics Of A Top Dog Breeder

Is it a secret?  No.  It's the genetic X factor...


What Is The Dog Genetically?

International judge explains domestic dog origination with wolf, dingo photos.


Considerations For Dog Breeders

Both genetic mutations and environmental influence can alter canine DNA.


Genetic Problems Easily Solved

Words of Wisdom for dog breeders!


Early Man ate his meat raw until he discovered fire and learned to cook his food.Dogs Changed Human Evolution

How meat-eating wolves helped human herbivores; wolf-campfire myth debunked.


Genetic Purity of Purebreds

Are foreign or Designer Dog bloodlines as genetically pure?


Applied Genetics; Infallible Tests

Breed dogs, not canine caricatures with numbers and letters.


Epilepsy; Inherited or Acquired

types of seizure, genetic indications, onset, epilepsy treatment.

To top breeders a pedigree analysis is more important than DNA because a top breeder can “read” genetic soundness.


Reading Pedigrees

Can be revealing to breeders who know how to read "the lines"!


Congenital Hypothyroidism W/Goiter

CHG said to be a "rare" fatal genetic defect in newborns. Dr. Fyfe explains ... Pt 1 of 3


Genetic Testing for CHG

John C. Fyfe, DVM, Ph.D  - How to test, why to test, procedure and cost. (2)


Genetic Basis Of CHG

John C. Fyfe, DVM, the genetic basis and causes of this deadly condition. (3)


Canine DNA Provides Clues

You dog's DNA could provide a model for combating human diseases.


Genetics & Breeding Choices

multi-group Judge compares dog genetics to the Arabian horse fancy.


Missing Testicle DNA Fraud

"University" study to find and eliminate gene for missing testicle is a farce.


Hip X-Ray Accuracy

Study-drawings reveal new x-ray position shows joint laxity, more reliably predicts hip dysplasia.