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You have seen ‘the look’, it is the look of total adoration and it is in his genes. Nothing you could do or say would change this dog’s view of you.




How A Dog Looks At You

Karen Rhodes, Family Dog Consultant ©


You have seen ‘the look’ if you have ever owned a special dog, what breeders call a personal dog. It is nothing that you can develop, train or buy. It is a magical bond between two different species. It is a genetic mystery that has been long debated by scientists and dog breeders.


I have been the subject of the “you are my everything” look with the dogs I have been blessed to have in my life. It is a look that goes directly to your heart and warms like nothing else can.


Is it love? Is it communication? It is not a classifiable thing but when you are the receiver of that “look” it is unmistakably a bond like no other. It goes right to your heart and soul and it brings a wealth of positive feelings that are sheer magic.


In my world and I am sure yours as well, there are several looks we get from our dog; generic happiness, the ‘play with me’ look, the ‘is it snack time?’ look. Then there’s the questioning look, the can I do it look, are we going somewhere look, the look of expectation.


There’s also the look you’d rather not see; the pissed off glance or I am scared and uncertain, the look of pain. You know the look of disgust, the ‘I am mad at you’ glare, the ‘no more, I’m tired’, and the heart-wrenching ‘help me’ look.


I think there’s a look that really makes the true bond when at some point, the dog walks into your heart and stays there forever. It is the look of peace.


I have a dear friend who owns several dogs. As the dogs were milling around playing and socializing, I saw one dog go to my friend and just look up at her with the most beautiful expression in her eyes. From a sitting position and without uttering a sound or raising a paw to get attention from her owner, she just looked at her with the total adoration of ‘you are mine, please acknowledge this.’


I was blessed to witness “the look” being exchanged between the dog and my friend. It was magical. Clearly a “I am a part of You and You a part of me.” We have all had a dog of our heart. You know the one.


Dog ownership is a give and take relationship. When I think of my dogs and the look, that is what is it all about. We give them: love, food, shelter, care, security, habitat, training, play. We give them exposure to the big world, reasons to feel special and in return they give us just as many gifts if not more.


Dogs listen to us when we are needy. They do not pass judgment on our life and lifestyles. Dogs do not care about our ethnicity, our social status, or all the human garbage we get wrapped up in. They give us love, teach us patience, play with us, give us responsibility, caring, and dogs give our environment a better aura and when we let them in to our heart, it feels good to the soul...


Having a dog in your heart is a give and take relationship and it happens without a textbook, without training, without barriers or rules. When we are a dog’s everything, we get the look. You know the one, ‘you are my everything.’


What a blessing to have dogs in our lives. Reciprocate the look and let a dog into your soul and you will never be sorry for it. EST 1998 © 20S08



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