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Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher, SAAB Member


We love our purebred dogs with their thoughtfully planned pedigrees but what is your heritage and what do you know about your own genetic history?


Few of us are “purebred” and we probably know more about animal genetics than our own family tree. We know a palomino horse is golden, an angus cow is black, and a tiger is striped but what do you know about your own ancestry? (tell us below)



The primary human races were finally defined in the 19th century. Nothing has changed, we are still sorted by skin color:

Caucasian/white, Ethiopian/black, Mongolian/yellow, or Native American/red


We humans choose a mate based on many factors so breed/race can vary in interesting ways. Basically though, the human race is primarily American, African, European, Islander, Oriental or a combination thereof.


Once upon a time, in countries around the world, marriages were arranged by parents. Thus people knew their family history (more than we do about our dog’s genetics today) but then we crossed oceans and began to fly around the world. And we fell in love.


Include your genetics based on the primary human race list above and then, in 100 words or less, tell us something special about your heritage in the space below. * This will also be published on facebook, link below.


So, help us understand human heritage as it applies to dog owners. Respond to the below regarding and in 100 words or less, summarize your heritage, your favorite animal, and your current pet(s)?


Your comments are invited in the survey below.  Please enter your first and last name and email (for our internal reference and validation that you are a person, not a machine).  Note: Email addresses are never divulged or shared by any ii NetPlaces Network site. To move within the form, tab or click into each box.


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Check box for ethnicity/skin color: black, red, white, yellow?

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In 100 words or less, summarize your heritage:


favorite animal    


current pet 


The best responses may be selected for a follow up report, if used, your name will be provided for authentication. EST 1998 © Apr 2023



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