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When amazed at something your dog does that is ‘almost human’ and you exchange eye to eye communication, think about these flying dinosaurs!





Barbara J. Andrews, AKC Hall Of Fame Breeder, SAAB Member


This just in from Gregory Filano! A team of Scientists at Stony Brook University {Ref 1} discovered a new type of dinosaur, one that could fly and which “occupied the skies for over 150 million years during the Age of Dinosaurs.” Actually, in the photo recreation, the thing looks like a furry lizard!



OK, so the researchers combined “…cutting-edge micro-CT scans and 3D scanning” but finding what can be described as a flying dinosaur is still amazing! So is the fact that “new lagerpetid bones have been discovered in North America, Brazil, Argentina, and Madagascar.” ~


But here is an interesting coincidence - where the long-dead prehistoric “lizard” was first found is a little “spooky.” How about in an area known as “Ghost Ranch” in New Mexico? In fact, there’s a unique 21,000 acre retreat located there…



You might also think about another very unique animal. It is earth’s only creature that is genetically programmed to love and serve humans. You will not have to ponder long so while you’re thinking…


…consider that a cat hangs out with you because you are an easy source for food and the fact is, that is true of every other “domestic” animal except one. Stop feeding your cat and watch him wave goodbye with that twitching tail that signals annoyance.


Call your horse when you have no feed bucket in hand… Go ahead, call until you are hoarse. (pun intended) If your canary finds an open door to blue skies, he’s gone. Ditto the parrot you taught to talk and that really does seem to like you. Give him opportunity and see how “attached” he is to you…


But your dog deserting you when you are ‘down and out’ is about as likely as seeing an elephant in an oak tree!



Speaking of elephants… they are extremely loyal to their mahout and yes, they show affection to that one person but if that bond is broken and opportunity presents, an elephant heads for the jungle and seeks out other elephants.


When you stop and think about it, in all of Creation, the dog is the only animal that will not desert his master. He may skulk away to lick the wounds YOU inflicted but he will not leave you. Starving, the dog may leave long enough to find a garbage can or beg a bite from the neighbors but he will return to his master. And if you leave before your dog, he will miss you…


Bats? I don’t know. Dinosaurs, flying or plodding? Nobody knows! But you and I know that what you’ve read means watch out for bats (we’re told they carry COVID-19) and hug your dog as you think about a unique vacation at Ghost Ranch, NM.


Ref {1}

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