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The goal and duty of the purebred dog breeder is preserving the TYPE of physical and behavioral function as described in the Breed Standard.





Sherry L. Shivley, Field Reporter-Photographer


Have you ever really looked at your dog’s pedigree and researched the dogs that made an impact in making your dog who he or she is today?



Some dogs breeds no longer do the job they were bred to do. For example, we do not see may poodles hunting and retrieving. Most Sporting breeds discovered we have sofas and refrigerators full of snacks. Why hang out with a bunch of guys all morning chasing birds when you can watch Lassie and munch on a selection of delicious fruit and veggies?


Preservationist Breeders is a new movement pushing back against the back-yard breeders and designer dogs, the “adopt don’t shop” mentality. The goal is keeping Purebreds Pure, Breeding to the Standard, and staying true to what your breed was created for.


If you have an AKC or UKC registered dog, you have a short lineage on the Registration papers. You can also order Pedigrees on your pup from your Registry.


Most breeds have a website page dedicated to keeping track of dogs and their accomplishments. It is a great way to preserve history of your breed. Because so many people are now introducing “designer” dogs into the world, it is even more important to acknowledge purebred dogs with history behind them.


We no longer need Boxers to turn the spits of meat or grind grain but they love being protective house dogs.


Mastiffs would rather nap in the sun than pull a cart of goods to market. Sighthounds chase bags around a course for fun. Ships have more efficient ways to control rodents, so they retired Schipperkes from a job they love.


Barn hunts, nose work, lure coursing, dock diving; these are just a few classes offered for dogs that may not be suitable for conformation or for owners who want to allow their dogs to enjoy themselves while getting points towards their Champion title. Some breed clubs offer carting where the dog pulls a cart through an obstacle course.


Many more Breeds have adapted over the years to a new way of life. As Preservationist Breeders it is in our best interest to continue their history as much as possible.


Preserving our dog’s history is important not only for our future but for today. In some countries many breeds are on the brink of extinction and it is nearly impossible to export to other countries.


People who had the vision of what the dog’s purpose would be and how it should look and act should be lauded. From their efforts we now have dogs for every purpose, every size, temperament and color. They wrote down what that dog should be but we may have strayed a bit over the years from the original Breed Standards. Some change for better - Some for worse.


I see us banding together as Preservationist Breeders to protect our dogs from the puppy mills that don’t care about breed type and the animal rights zealots who want to destroy animal ownership. We will teach children and adults alike that Purebred dogs are healthy, have a proven temperament, and their line has produced what families want for generations. Rescues and back yard breeders don’t have that ability.



If we don’t stop hiding from trouble, trouble will find us. It will seek us out individually until we are all gone. We cannot risk our history, our livelihood, our love of the Fancy to chance. David Frei and other leaders have spoken up for Preservationists Breeders. Will you? EST 1998 © 2106



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