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Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives


As of 2019 CA Pet Shops can only sell dogs, cats, or rabbits obtained from Animal Control, SPCA, HSUS, Humane Society Shelter or a Rescue group. What about your state?


Instant Information on CA ii Pet Shop Bill Highlights that went into effect Jan, 1, 2019 affects YOU, no matter where you live. It too will spread. Is this another example of AKC and legislative problems that predicted two years ago, i.e. “tough local limit laws, restrictions on owning dogs that have not been spayed or neutered and anti-breeder extremism have discouraged small, local hobby breeders … (puppy mill) pets are their only option to get a pet of their choice.


Is it all about the money? Political payoffs? What? My cats smell a rat! It came out of its hole in 2019. This California pet shop regulation is seriously anti-purebred and anti-breeder. Certainly it will financially impact responsible cat and dog breeders. California pet buyers should have choices and the predictability of size, personality, coat care, exercise requirement of a purebred pet should not be limited by laws favoring strays and rescues.


We want to save those dogs and cats but NOT by a law that only allows us to buy a “mixed-breed” shelter pet!! City dwellers avoid online or classified ads if seeking a purebred pet, not wanting to pay shipping or drive “out in the country” to find a home-raised puppy or kitten. Traditionally they buy a purebred from a pet store where there is some degree of accountability, health guarantee, registration papers, and of course, the status associated with purebred pets.


If CA pet stores can only sell mutts/mongrels/strays, regulations such as this Pet Shop Bill take a huge toll on the purebred dog market. This from a state with cities that can’t or won’t clean up sidewalks littered with human feces and drug paraphernalia?


Sheila Goffe, AKC Vice President and head of Government Relations for the American Kennel Club, admits you can no longer “find a local breeder with relative ease … tough local limit laws, restrictions on owning dogs that have not been spayed or neutered and even anti-breeder extremism have discouraged small, local hobby breeders.” ~


I read that Ms. Goffe’s job is preventing or modifying state and federal laws that are bad for hobby breeders. Really? Did you know puppy millers account for most of AKC registration income and so they get a special price deal on litter registrations? Volume discount? Shameful.


What about cats? I compared AKC’s Mission Statement {Ref #1} with its counterpart in cats. I found it interesting though that AKC doesn’t mention pedigree dogs, just that it “protects the rights of all dog owners”. Dog breeders might find that troubling. The Cat Fanciers Association states “CFA's mission is to preserve and promote the pedigreed breeds of cats” and only after that then does CGA say it seeks “to enhance the well-being of ALL cats.” I did not find anything on this pet shop bill! I hope they are opposing it because it hurts cat breeders as much as dog people.


My perception is that the deck is stacked in favor of commercial breeders. Did you know that mass breeding is so condoned by AKC that it has an acronym, HVB, short for High Volume Breeders. And this Pet Shop Bill encourages the import and sale of pets from unregulated sources but it taxing sellers and buyers of pets that come from regulated, humane sources. That picture hangs crooked!


Hobby breeders are the people who care about breed type, physical and mental soundness (temperament) and they prove it by winning in the show ring so why doesn’t AKC offer special deals and incentives to hobby breeders instead of to the puppy millers?


Attention please! Were it not for hobby breeders and discerning owners who “show off” healthy, handsome purebred dogs to the public, there would be no dog shows and thus no demand for purebred pet shop puppies!!! And that might not be a bad thing. I can tell you that cat lovers either seek a pure breed of cat (for predictable personality, coat type, etc.) or they take in a stray that has “adopted” them.


Rarely do pet shops offer pure-bred kittens. Definitely a good thing! Here is the Instant Information on CA ii Pet Shop Bill.


Reference and Related Article Information: {1} AKC’s Mission Statement  ~  How The CA War On Pet Shops Affects You


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