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Trotting Along from Genesis to Now

by Fred Lanting, AKC, UKC, SV Judge, SAAB


The human-canine bond is a phenomenon that surpasses any other relationship we have with animals including our equine and feline friends. Why and how?


Much has been written about the human-canine connection, a phenomenon that surpasses any other animal relationship, although connection with horses often comes very close, and that with cats some distance behind.



The book of Genesis is skimpy on details, but I like to imagine the Ark scene as one where a pair of wolf-dog ancestors (GSD or Border-Collie types?) were directed by God to round up and herd all other animals to the on-ramp. And then the “original dogs” would drive the animals to particular levels and compartments before settling themselves down to snooze in Noah’s quarters for the next 40 days. We owe them much!


We “dog people” are united in our love for all canines. We can overlook or forgive differences of opinion in matters of politics, ethnicity, and religion, at least temporarily. For example, I have dog-fancier friends and acquaintances varying from Pakistani Muslims to fundamentalist Christians to atheists. They range from old and experienced dog breeders to rank beginners in the dog world.


But most lawmakers appear not to be dog-oriented. As a result, state laws are continuously being drafted and “snuck by us” and we dog owners are caught by the necessity to overturn thoughtless legislation-much harder to do than preventing legislation!


I am a Washington-Jeffersonian “republocrat” who believes that government is best when it is least and local, and that laws should be modulated by liberty. If State Law neglects their citizens or animals, pressure to change would better be applied at local levels by economic and moral means rather than Federal bludgeoning, which is the trend in all too many instances.



As an example of recent Federalization, on Nov. 25, 2019, President Trump signed into law the PACT Act {Ref #1} a Federal Law which enumerates and bans certain acts of cruelty towards animals.


The PACT Act legislation was introduced eleven months earlier, received widespread bipartisan support in Congress, and finally passed the House on Oct. 22 and the Senate on Nov. 5, 2019. While I admire most of the effects of such moves, the conservative-libertarian-states-rights part of me is irritated by heavy-handed Federal intervention. I feel our individual States should have taken the initiative. All of them.


You might think it was the first time any animal cruelty had been made a federal crime. Not so; in 2010 there was the Animal Crush Video Act {Ref #2}, banning images showing animal cruelty, abuse, and torture. At least, these bills were modified in time to not hurt “veterinary and farming practices, as well as hunting, fishing, research and killing animals for food.


Earlier Federal law had only criminalized animal cruelty and fighting if videos of the act were sold.


Now, a person can be prosecuted under the PACT Act for “crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating or impaling animals or sexually exploiting” them. Federal felony charges could bring fines and up to seven years in prison. Right now, all 50 states have laws on their books against animal cruelty at the state level. And that was my point when I mentioned States’ rights and responsibilities.



Since 1966 the The Animal Welfare Act {Ref #3} has prohibited neglect and mistreatment of animals kept and transported either for commercial reasons or scientific research. Attending or other involvement in dog fights has been a federal crime since 2003. So, PACT is not entirely new. But, overall, it is good that it has been improved.


At the outset, I mentioned the book of Genesis, and again direct you to chapters 2, 7, and 9, wherein we see that animals (and yes, that implicitly includes dogs) were given to mankind so that we would use and care for them in various ways. Hopefully we can encourage each other to follow those examples.


Pet Fido right now, and let him know he’s appreciated.


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#2 Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010 Banned filmed depiction of smashing or crushing an animal to death.


#3 The Animal Welfare Act


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