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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" and animal "welfare" organizations, learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS!





Barbara J. Andrews, Legislative Editor, SAAB Member


Public contact with wild animals is all that stands between their extinction - and your child’s tenuous connection with nature in today’s concrete jungle.


April 2019 the The Calvary Group {Ref #1} reports “Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission … harassing … terrorizing law abiding Florida animal owners and licensed exhibitors who work directly with exotic animals and captive wildlife.”  The FWC is holding public meetings to encourage “public input” on captive wildlife regulations related to elephant rides and public contact with captive wildlife. See Florida’s Wildlife Statute below and be alert in your state.


Central Florida is the extraordinary elephant sanctuary for Ringling Brothers Barnum And Bailey. You may have agreed with banning “elephant rides” and so today you are unlikely to ever see an elephant!


Now Floridians will be denied the right to keep “parrots, finches, skunks, foxes, geckos, snakes, and frogs”? Do you want to force your kids to “get rid of” their pets?


Many high-rise dwellers, yearning for a connection with nature, keep parrots or finches as spoiled, pampered pets. Is that so wrong when in the wild, many protected species are dying off through loss of habitat? A loss caused by exploding human population… We urge you to be aware of and fight this subversive intrusion into YOUR state government.


Is there a balance between protecting wildlife and preserving human contact and enjoyment of such?

As is often the case, every problem has two sides and often, intolerable solutions!  Give us your feedback below.


Protect your rights. More important, no matter where you live, check your own state law to see if you or your kids are already criminals!


Think about what the world is losing. The “Florida panther” once common in the Florida’s wooded areas and (previously) uninhabited swamps, has all but vanished. Swampland has been drained and is now home to retirees instead of the panthers, ‘gators, and other unique wildlife.


Even though the species-unique Florida panther is protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act {Ref #2}, according to a 2019 article in the Miami Herald “they have and have dwindled to fewer than 230.” Only organizations that rescue injured wildlife or scientific research are given permits to possess the endangered Florida panther. There does not however seem to be much protection against shooting them!


As a native Floridian, I can tell you that no one feared our panthers. They were often heard (sounds like a woman screaming) but rarely seen. We were proud of our native species that were, in the pre-70s, surviving human encroachment due to Florida’s southernmost location. Today panthers and alligators are gone, replaced with parks, piers, and concrete.


Food for thought... In 2012 undeveloped Alaska had about 6,273 wolves, Minnesota 2,445 wolves, Wisconsin less than 300, Michigan 278, Montana 108 wolves, Arizona 12 wolves and astoundingly, New Mexico had only 9 gray wolves. In wildlife preserves such as Yellowstone there were only 271 wolves…


Reference Information: #1 The Cavalry Group ~ #2 Federal Endangered Species Act ~ Florida Statute on Captive Wildlife


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