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USDA-APHIS Retail Pet Store Rule Chronology


APHIS Rule to inspect and control hobby dog breeders, expose your personal financial records and...


April 1, 2014 UPDATE: KODA announces plaintiffs in APHIS Rule Suit granted legal "standing" as U.S. Justice Dept reverses its own Motion to Dismiss injunction.  APHIS lawsuit plaintiffs take heart.


APHIS Rule and the AKC-HSUS-USDA connection that caused-allowed this to happen, where dog breeders "stand" now and what lies ahead.


November 2011 Most breeders had never heard of APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, a branch of the USDA) when asked "Who Will Inspect Your Home, HSUS, USDA, or APHIS?"


May 2012 APHIS Issues Notice Of Proposed Rule after severe criticism from USDA Inspector General in 2010 for lax enforcement. SAOVA questions authority.


May 2012 Dog clubs in Opposition To APHIS Proposed Pet Regulation, list published by SAOVA as the Virginia Federation Of Dog Clubs fights on behalf of members.


July 2012 APHIS Caught In Losey's Lasso included a copy of a Letter to APHIS filed by Supreme Court licensed government attorney Frank Losey.


August 2012 APHIS Posts Notice of Rulemaking that would revise the retail pet store definition, action covered by TheDogPress


February 2013 APHIS Director Sarah Conant (former HSUS attorney) hired by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack raises questions of political power and HSUS collusion.


September 2013 "Who Is Sarah Conant?" answered when the former HSUS attorney was appointed by USDA as the APHIS Director of Enforcement.


September 2013 The USDA-APHIS Animal Welfare Act made news again when revealed the APHIS dog breeder audit plan, the HSUS and IRS SCANDAL (video) and the potential for HSUS to inspect your personal records.


September 2013 APHIS Final Rule published in the federal register.  SAOVA breaks the 91 pages down into what it means to breeders and owners.


October 2013 APHIS Rule and AKC Legal Standing examined by attorney Frank Losey who provides the legal rationale on why AKC must fight back or fail Due Diligence.


September 2013 USDA/APHIS Injunction by dominosfall poses some intriguing questions about Christie Vilsack and the AKC Political Action Committee (PAC)


November 2013 APHIS Rule Opposed by Associated Dog Clubs Of NY, file injunction supported by the Virginia Federation Of Dog Clubs


December 2013 USDA-APHIS Injunction, retail Pet Store Rule challenged in Federal District Court, details by Frank Losey, Pentagon/Supreme Court licensed attorney.


December 2013 APHIS FACTSHEET published, updated ( Questions and Answers: Retail Pet Store Final Rule.  Received "75,584 individual comments and 134,420 signed form letters. We also received 213,000 signatures on petitions."


January 2014 Your personal financial and dog sales records to be inspected by USDA-APHIS or outsourced to AKC, HSUS?  What AKC, UKC, and SCJA said about that.


January 2014 USDA-APHIS Synopsis and Flowchart legislation section makes it easy to understand what applies to you as a hobby dog breeder.


February 2014 TheDogPress editorial USDA-HSUS-APHIS Collusion condenses the corruption preceding the APHIS Rule, including this quote from “Senators and ag groups voice outrage over USDA-APHIS working with the Humane Society of the United States on an animal welfare forum.” and video of Senator Moran addressing Congress re: USDA-APHIS document and other evidence of "collusion" with the HSUS  "Animal Rights" group.


February 2014 Stop APHIS Lawsuit needs your continued support.  KODA accepts checks or paypal, explains legality of 501(c)(3) organizations as regards lobbying, and provides extensive related information.


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