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What Dog Breed Do You Identify With?

Karen Rhodes, Family Dog Consultant, SAAB Member


We all know that dogs are loyal and full of love, that goes without saying but genetics and breed type play a big piece in their personality. Several characteristics are typical of their breed, the job they were developed to do or their personality type. Some blend from group to group and if you think of other examples by all means chime in on our facebook page.


What Dog Breed Do You Identify With? Tell Us Below And Share Your Photos Too!


First let’s think of some of the human comparisons to dogs as characterized by AKC groups. You may have different experiences with a dog breed not listed here, these are generalizations. This does not exclude the dog whose parentage remains a secret but many mixed breed dogs share behaviors and traits as would fit these 7 AKC groupings.


Hounds are interested in staying on track and have strongly grounded work ethics with a no-nonsense attitude. They are independent thinkers who do not look for constant approval and assistance to get a task accomplished. Their ability to rescue lost people or objects is an amazing feat to watch. Their kind eyes endear you into their very soul and their voice is quite attention getting. They let you know proud and loud when they are successful in their mission.


Working Dogs are the guardians of the galaxy, canine soldiers, performing duties for their human partners without hesitation, often placing themselves in situations too dangerous for humans but without thought for their own safety. Working breeds “protect and serve” their handlers or owners wanting only praise and positive recognition for their deed. They are dedicated beyond question and not easily distracted by outside interference.


Terriers; When we think of a terrier we think of tenacious intensity, courage and determination. Terriers are interested in completion of a task but at times their tenacity can get them in trouble. They are curious beyond human comprehension and will act independently. Terriers remind me of myself after having several cups of coffee… Untrained, they can become “terrorists” if left to their own devices. Terriers love to dig in the earth, eradicate vermin, and their spirited energy is nothing short of electrifying.


Toy Dogs are real dogs, the Group name only refers to their size. Their obvious cute factor and intelligence can lead to manipulation of the unsavvy owner and their training can suffer. Toy breeds are easy to please and bursting into playtime, they will do anything for their owners. They know they are adorable… Originally their size was bred down to become living lap warmers for the aristocracy but today everyone can enjoy these tiny companions.


Sporting Dogs are another breed with focused purpose, a lust for the outdoors and satisfaction with their accomplishment. They are instinctually skilled at bird hunting and retrieving and are endeared to their owners by their specific hunting skills. They are providers, trackers, rescue rangers and dedicated servants to their humans.


Non-Sporting Dogs are quite a diverse group of canines. From the American Dingo, Bulldog and Bichon Frise to the Chow Chow, they each have unique characteristics including significant variety in size. The AKC Group classification is factually for dogs that excel as human companions.


Herding Dogs do just that. They relentlessly protect and watch over their flock, both livestock and humans. They are quite a spectacle to watch in different AKC and field events as they help their owners with chores. Their energy and vivacious spirits are not for the meek.


Some of the breeds included in the above list were once “Rare Breeds” but be careful about that designation because many are either not “rare” at all or will never develop into a breed with conformity of size, personality, dependable aptitude, etc. etc.


So, when I think about what “dog breed” I identify with, I think I am too large in stature so I am not a Toy breed even though I love toy dogs. I have more straight than curly hair, I wear it short and have most of my dynamic capabilities earlier in the day. When on a mission or protecting my family, I’m as tenacious as a terrier but generally I am as easy going as a Great Dane.


Aware of my space at all times, I remind myself of a Miniature Pinscher and I also have a jokester streak and love fun such as they do. I can bark like the German Shepherd when I’m threatened but can also be as chilled out as a Bassett Hound and as curious as a Poodle. So generally, I guess as a senior dog, I still am lucky enough to be alive with a blend of the following; Terrier, Poodle, Dane, Pinscher, and Bassett.


What breed of dog reminds you most of yourself?

Are you a tenacious terrier or a laid-back hound? Are you as brave as a Bulldog or as dauntless as a Dane? If you a little obsessive about keeping things in the right place you might be a Border Collie. If you are an incredible mixture of many great traits you might be, like most Americans, a fascinating mixture of many great nationalities.



The most interesting photos will be published in this site and on facebook. Let’s have some fun!





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