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Spay/Neuter Information


Learn about health problems caused by the loss of vital hormones which increase the risk of bone cancer, hip dysplasia, obesity, diabetes, urinary incontinence, hypothyroidism, and more.




Neuter My Dog?



Does castration calm an animal down making him easier to train? Get facts.


Spay & Neuter health risks are significant, spaying or neutering can cause cancer, obesity, hip dyplasia, low thyroid and other problems associated with removal of sex hormones due to being spayed or neuteredNeuter is castration. Spay is hysterectomy. Removing these organs creates disease for which there is no hormone therapy.


Spay-Neuter Facts

AVMA on resulting urinary, ligament, bone, obesity, cancer, thyroid, etc.


Spay/Neuter Risk vs. Benefit

Cancer, orthopedic problems, shorter life span, diabetes; in-depth report.


Spay/Neuter Goldmine

Veterinarians compete for spay-neuter market pushed by animal "rights" groups.


The Right To Breed

Hypocrisy when vets refuse simple tail docking but push risky spay & neuter.


Healthier Respect For Ovaries

Dr. Waters, DVM newest information on spay/neuter.


ii Spay-Neuter & Ligament Injury

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Is castrating your pet cruelty to animals?  YES!  Spay and Neuter is NOT a good idea because of subsequently increased health problems resulting from castration and hysterectomy.The Cruelty Of Castration

Risk vs. benefit, how neutering affects health.


Mandatory Spay-Neuter

LA residents panic, astronomically raises shelter admissions!


Mandatory Spay/Neuter In VA

No Exceptions.  No Appeal.  The Animal Rights agenda at work.


Senseless In San Diego

San Diego seeks to surgically neuter dogs along with citizens’ rights!


Shelter Solutions: Spay-Neuter

Flawed shelter statistics and mandatory spay & neuter laws.


Urinary Incontinence Help

"Leaking" is one of many problems associated with spay/neuter.


Shelter Spay & Neuter Costs

Humane societies drive up cost of surgical sterilization.


Early Spay/Neuter Risk

Veterinarian warns of adverse effects when sterilized before 6 mos. of age



ii Spay/Neuter Risk vs. Profit

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Rethinking Spay & Neuter

SPAY & NEUTER (CASTRATION) SURGERYThis study neutralizes sterilization campaign!


Tubal Ligation Or Vasectomy?

A solution to risking your dog to spaying or neutering.


Zinc Chemical Neutering

Interview with maker of revolutionary Zinc Gluconate chemical neutering agent.


Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare

Two entirely opposite agendas as regards mandatory spay/neuter.


Shelter Spay & Neuter Costs

Humane societies drive up cost of surgical sterilization.


Patented Neuticles?

Cosmetic concerns about neutering your male dog?  See revolutionary testicular implant.


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