Spay & Neuter health risks are significant, spaying or neutering can cause cancer, obesity, hip dyplasia, low thyroid and other problems associated with removal of sex hormones due to being spayed or neutered


Spay/Neuter Information


Spaying/Neutering stops production of vital hormones, shortens life span and predisposes dogs for cancer, obesity, and orthopedic problems. Get the facts before you decide.




Removing Testes or Uterus Is Not Worth The Health Risks!

The first thing dog owners should know is that...


Removing the risk of ovarian, uterine, mammary or testicular cancer by slicing out hormone-producing organs is like removing the legs to prevent bone cancer.


The second thing to know is that there is absolutely no "crisis of pet overpopulation."  Census and law enforcement records prove no pet overpopulation problem exists. In fact, shelters actually import cute mutts from foreign countries and buy puppy mill purebreds!


The third thing, and perhaps the most sobering fact, is that a spayed or neutered dog can still raid garbage cans, fight with other dogs, chase cats, bicycles, and children.


The last thing veterinarians tell dog owners is "The best prevention for unwanted breeding is a fence"


portable fencing called exercise pens work for big dogs and smaller x-pens serve toy breeds inside the home.Canine Consultant Tam Cordingley points out the obvious, "A fence has multiple and important benefits, unlike spay or neuter surgery.  If you can't afford to fence the whole property or you are renting, buy a portable "kennel run" for a big dog or an "exercise pen" for a small dog.


"Fencing will prevent your dog from being a bothersome stray or from being run over and that is indeed a health benefit!  Plus, your neighbors will be grateful."


Veterinarian websites tend to be slanted because so much of the content is canned information gleaned from animal rights zealots.  TheDogPlace is fortunate to have first-hand input from our Science And Advisory Board and veterinary writers. 


We have compiled (instant enlarge) ii spay and neuter information from several sources, including this extract from Wikipedia, the net's #1 encyclopedia.

  • As with any surgical procedure, immediate complications of neutering include the usual anesthetic and surgical complications, such as bleeding and infection. These risks are relatively low in routine spaying and neutering; however, they may be increased for some animals due to other pre-existing health factors. In one study the risk of anesthetic-related death (not limited to neutering procedures) was estimated at 0.05% for healthy dogs and 0.11% for healthy cats. The risk for sick dogs and cats were 1.33% and 1.40% respectively.

  • Spaying and neutering dogs and cats increases the risk of obesity. In cats, a decrease in sex hormone levels seems to be associated with an increase in food intake. In dogs, the effects of neutering as a risk factor for obesity vary between breeds.

  • Neutered dogs of both sexes are at a twofold excess risk to develop osteosarcoma as compared to intact dogs.

  • Studies of cardiac tumors in dogs showed that there was a 5 times greater risk of hemangiosarcoma, one of the three most common cancers in dogs, in spayed females than intact females and a 2.4 times greater risk of hemangiosarcoma in neutered dogs as compared to intact males.

  • Spaying and neutering is associated with an increase in urinary tract cancers in dogs.

  • Neutered dogs of both sexes have a 32% increased risk of adverse reactions to vaccinations. (source AVMA)

  • Neutered dogs are more likely to develop hormone-responsive alopecia (hair loss).

  • A 2004 study found that spayed and neutered dogs had a higher incidence of CCL (canine cruciate ligament) rupture, an incapacitating injury requiring surgery.

Your takeaway from this?  Stop and think.  Humans are given hormone replacement therapy if accidentally castrated (neutered) or undergo hysterectomy (spayed).


The best alternative to spaying or neutering your dog is Fencing Your Dog. EST 1998 ©   #11111321510



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