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Spaying/Neutering stops production of vital hormones, shortens life span and predisposes dogs for cancer, obesity, and orthopedic problems. Get the facts before you decide.




Neutering with Neuticles

by Gregg Miller, Inventor and president of CTI Corp.


If you have cosmetic concerns about neutering your male dog, see patented Neuticles, the revolutionary testicular implant procedure for pets.


Neuticles has come a long way and is celebrating 21 years of operationIt All Started with a Bloodhound Named Buck!  Buck the Bloodhound led a charmed life. You see, without Buck, the idea of Neuticles would never have been thought of by inventor Gregg Miller.


"Buck was seven months old, ornery as they came, and well, the day came when I had to consider neutering and was really surprised when it was discovered the testicles are permanently removed when the pet is neutered.  Buck would no longer be Buck!"


Deeply concerned, I asked my Missouri veterinarian Dr. R.D. Holder of Independence if implants were available so Buck could look the same.  Dr. Holder remarked, "I've been a veterinarian for 45 years and its never been thought of, it sounds like a very good idea."


Buck was neutered the 'old way' back in 1993 but my concern over my bloodhound would soon change veterinary history forever....


Two Years In Development... Miller assembled a team of veterinarians which began development of the surgical procedure and Neuticles product line (dubbed the CTI (Canine Testicular Implantation) Project). The cost exceeded one-half million dollars for the molding of parts, research, legal and medical investigations.


On December 20, 1995 the first commercially "Neuticled" canine was performed on a nine month old Rottweiler named Max, owned by Independence, MO Police Officer Mike Pyle.  It was a historic day for veterinary medicine as it launched a 100% safe and effective alternative to the traditional form of altering pets.


Massive World Wide Publicity Followed... The neutering of Max in 1995 was recognized by Parade Magazine as a top 10 news event of the year, Gregg Miller and his newly formed company CTI Corporation began an incredible eighteen year journey into establishing the unknown patented procedure to veterinarians and pet owners around the World.


Over 500,000 'Neuticled' Pets Worldwide... Twenty years later, over 500,000 canines, felines, equine, bulls and other animals have been 'Neuticled'.  Over 28,000 veterinary hospitals and clinics in all 50 states and 49 countries have performed the procedure without a single reported complication. Neuticles and the testicular implant procedure has proven to be a safe, practical and simple option when neutering. Endorsed by hundreds of humane societies and praised Worldwide as a solid solution to the pet over population crisis, Neuticles promises to be as common as the traditional method of altering is today.  Not only can they be placed when the pet is first neutered,  they can also be implanted years later.



Solid Silicone

Natural Soft





Featuring ScarRetard

and/or with Epididymis


There are four models to choose from, each crafted from FDA medically approved materials. There is a Neuticles model to fit any budget or application.  Available in pairs or as singles. Single Neuticles are available for pets losing a testicle to injury or medical issue.


No one but you and your veterinarian can tell your dog is no longer "intact".  The testicular implants appear completely natural.


Why Neuticles? Inventor Gregg Miller and president of CTI Corporation say's "why not"? We're the only company in the World that creates, manufactures and distributes pet implantation devices and all our products are veterinary and in-field tested for years before being released.


"The traditional form of neutering was created in 1802 and involves the surgical removal of the testes - leaving the pet looking female in appearance", Miller said. "With Neuticles the pet retains his natural look and self esteem safely and encourages neuter hesitant pet owners to neuter that simply would not before."


In addition to Neuticles, the company has created other implantation devices including PermaStay Ear Implants (right) for dogs with bent or broken ears.


Corrects failed ear crop, restoring canines ears quickly, humanely and successfully.


CTI Solid Silicone Eye implants for pets (left) who lose an eye to injury or disfiguring disease.  They come in many sizes for intrascleral or intraorbital applications and are crafted from FDA medical-approved solid silicone and is fully autoclavable.


Eye stain is "unsightly" but i StainGon removes unsightly tear stains on pets and ScarGon Gel can eliminate post operative scars on pets.


Miller boasted the success rate of each product as 100% safe and effective as products are developed and tested by veterinarians for up to five years before release.  Go to to learn more.


Other unique products from this inventor include;

iStainGon for eye stain problems with your dog          Revolutionary PermaStay

Allergy Relief for feet and ears with AllerFade

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