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How to remove your dog's unsightly eye stains safely and effectively! Ugly tear tracks change your dog's expression and reveals lack of proper care and grooming.




by Gregg Miller, Inventor and president of CTI Corp.


Inventor Gregg Miller created i StainGon® specifically to remove eye stains on his own English Bulldog.  The new product by CTI Corp will eliminate pet eye stains.


English Bulldog "Humphrey" owned by Gregg Miller, inventor of iStainGon - Before product"Until now it's been very frustrating for pet owners with pet eye stains to find something-anything that is 100% safe and effective," Miller said. "iStainGon will completely remove unsightly stains of any type permanently."


Miller said iStainGon was created based on trying to find an effective product to remove eye stains on his own dog Humphrey, an English Bulldog (at left).


"Humphrey had the most ungodly brownish 'lava flow' from both eyes that just couldn't be removed," Miller said. He tried everything but found that nothing really worked.


After over a year of product development and testing on his bulldog and other pets, CTI released this special eye stain removal formula.


"With Humphrey, I applied iStainGon to the affected area and gently rubbed it in. After 20 minutes the area was rinsed and iStainGon re-applied, the next morning the eye stains that had been part of my bulldog's expression since he was a puppy completely disappeared."


Miller, from his Neuticles Facebook page, provided test bottles to pet owners nationwide and virtually every participant experienced stain free results.


The iStainGon product is packaged in a 2 ounce bottle with an applicator tip that makes it easy to apply. While the formula is secret, Miller said you'll smell a woody aroma and the consistency is like a syrup.  At only $28 per bottle, including shipping and handling, you can't afford not to try!  If you have larger dogs or several dogs, we now have NEW SIZES and PRICES.


Based outside Kansas City, MO, Miller's company is not new to the veterinary and pet community. CTI Corporation celebrated its' 20th anniversary last month and is also the creator of other advanced products including Neuticles for Pets, PermaStay Ear Implantation, TempoStay Ear Supports, CT Eye Implants and ScarGon gel, and NEW AllerFade allergy relief for feet and ears. is proud to be able to inform our readers about these unique products.  Mr. Miller's creativity and desire to help dogs makes him a real "dog person" although he doesn't breed or show dogs.  Visit for more information and online ordering options.


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