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CinDee Byer, SAAB Member, Breed Clubs Editor


If your dog assists you in routine chores, fetches objects, alerts you to visitors, and provides emotional support it is eligible for national recognition!


Ask anyone about their dog and they will tell you how smart, loyal, entertaining, protective, or goofy it is. All dogs are special but the relationship between a service dog and its master is different. It begins as a relationship based on need. It grows into a relationship of undying love. It becomes a marriage of sorts.


In this canine-human marriage both service dog and master depend on and trust one another completely. Trust is necessary in order for both to exist as a team.


The well-trained service dog becomes an extension of the human body. The human becomes one with the dog. Whether a service dog works for its master in the military, works with the police or helps the handicapped they are “not just another pretty face”. They are highly trained problem solvers who give their all and asked nothing in return.


Early breeds such as the Doberman were chosen as service dogs for their loyalty, dedication, eagerness to learn and judgmental mind. The Doberman’s greatest asset in becoming a service dog was its ability to do more than act on instinct. It, like other great service breeds, could solve problems. Trained correctly the Doberman excelled at every task.


Frank Grover, considered by experts to be the “Father of the American Doberman Pinscher”, noted the following contributions of the breed to the training of service dogs today.


The reality of this breed is overwhelming. They came to this country after World War I and became part of the lives of famous and influential men and woman and hundreds and thousands of ordinary families. They played a huge role in the development of the training of dogs in America, were one of the first breeds to demonstrate compassionate insight into the needs of the blind, were the first to understand and help the deaf, and have inspired much creative art and beauty in this land of ours.” ~


Service dogs have changed the world for the many people who have had the privilege to live with one. A person with a service dog sees that dog differently. They depend on their service dog to make decisions in difficult situations. These dog and human teams communicate differently. They are working partners and the dogs are the silent heroes.


My personal service dogs were all Dobermans. They were trained as service dogs for me by my husband because I have a degenerative muscle disorder.


Through the years my dogs have been trained to run down the hill to the mailbox and bring the mail home. They were taught to bring the phone and to find help when I needed it. They recognize and retrieve all types of objects. They were trained to match shoes from my closet and retrieve cloths from my bedroom.


My husband passed away in 2019. He left me with my last service dog. Her name is EV. Today EV does it all. She watches over me in our home, walks beside my wheelchair in public and comforts me in private.


Do you have a service dog? Tell us about the dog and what it means to you. If you have a photo on your phone or in your files, please include or attach it. We can’t promise every photo will be used in this legislative project series but unless you request privacy, we will include the dog and owner’s name in any article in which the photo is used.


Perhaps you and your service dog can win the NETPLACES NATIONAL SERVICE DOG AWARD. There is no cash prize. The greatest reward is your ability to “give back” by giving hope and encouragement to others.


Send photo and tell us in 50 words or less, what your Service Dog or your closest Canine Companion means to you;


The National Service Dog Contest will also be published in ShowSight Magazine, the 2nd oldest, largest print publication in the dog fancy.


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