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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" and animal "welfare" organizations, learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS!





Roberta Lee, PhD, Science Editor


Christian cultures wrestle with animal rights vs. animal welfare but with 2019's open borders we need to understand how other religions and ethnicities regard animals.


Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims comprise the largest religious sectors on the planet and they are not concerned with what we term “animal rights” or more ambiguously, animal welfare.


So let us go back to Genesis where God decreed we shall “have dominion over the fish of the seas, over the fowl of the air. And over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” As an educator, I postulate the conflict is because we and our children have been confused by teaching materials, from elementary school through university levels.


As far back as 1992, prominent educators warned us of the “Trojan Horse” in our culture.  Patrick H. Cleveland, Ph.D said “A chilling indication of how misinformed they (students) are came in a 1991 Gallup poll demonstrating 67% of American teenagers 'support animal rights' including bans on all laboratory and medical tests that use animals. They appear to be unaware of the serious consequences of such a ban.” 


Remember, this was 1992 when he prophetically stated “How well today's students understand it will affect the fate of millions in the (future) through education, regulatory and political processes” and also observed “animal rights groups such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have developed propaganda programs aimed at school children.”  While most animal owners had heard of “animal welfare” and the name PETA was familiar no one suspected the true threat to our children’s education.


Dr. Cleveland, with uncanny foresight went on to state “A far more dangerous assault has been launched on the classroom by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) under the Trojan Horse of environmentalism, saving endangered species and ‘animal protectionism’.


Oxen work for food and protection by mankindWe must, as parents, educators and scholars, confront truth.  Life is not a Disney movie. While it is true that animals are caged, penned, experimented on, hunted, shot, trapped, and slaughtered, were it not for that fact of life, our forefathers would have frozen to death instead of evolving as nomads who conquered continents; in fact, we would not have evolved from pre-historic, dull-witted, leaf-eating mammals into protein-eating omnivores, capable of projected reasoning and cognitive skills.


Certainly we would not have used horses, oxen, and dogs to move ourselves and our goods, to cultivate and conquer our land and to help fight our battles.  We would not have medical advances that save human lives. Without animal research, your grandparents might not have lived long enough to meet you and in fact you might not have survived being born.


In the 90’s, California incorporated HSUS's educational program as part of its environmental education curriculum guide. “ii Animal Rights” had yet to become a buzz word so teachers failed to recognize that HSUS's animal protection philosophy was not animal welfare but was instead, an animal rights philosophy based on the precept that it is morally wrong for humans to use animals in any way whatsoever.  History teachers should have rebelled, knowing that man has always used animals, without which we could not have advanced our own history.


Teachers taught what they were given, including "animal rights"

Consequently, our entire political, moral, and religious foundation was changed.  HSUS, calling itself "animal protectionists" leaned heavily on the environmental theme as it infiltrated our educational system.  Did you or your children receive an HSUS newsletter in the 90’s called "Kids in Nature's Defense"?  Teachers were provided with a “Student Action Guide” that promoted radical activism and support of new earth and animal protection clubs. HSUS, calling itself "animal protectionists" in order to not be confused with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and PETA, leaned heavily on the environmental theme as it infiltrated our educational system.


You helped your kids with multiplication tables or learning to read and write but did you monitor the peripheral education your child was receiving? Did you even know about it??  Were you ever provided opportunity to review such mind-shaping materials? Do you and your offspring already share vastly different concepts about religion, politics, and animal rights?


Our upbringing and religious beliefs dictate how we treat animals. Is it right to raise animals for food? Would your saddle horse, house cat, or dog live longer and better in the wild?  Such questions are answered from within and by logic. You don’t need a university professor, a legislator, and least of all, HSUS or PETA to tell you how to respect other living creatures.


If you own a dog and you recognize him as your friend, I don’t have to remind you that your dog is the only living sentient being that gives love and fidelity without question, an animal that will give its life for you, and do so unconditionally.  Regardless of your religious affiliation, you know that every living thing is a part of the whole and it is part of us ourselves.


My dog and my cat care not a whit about ii Animal Rights, they only care about me.

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