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CinDee Byer, Breed Clubs Editor


A photo-tribute to America’s Veterans, many of whom came home and became famous AKC dog show judges, Capt. Haggerty, Larry Downey, Col. Pede…


Babe Ruth once said “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” That quote best describes the men and women I have met who serve in the various branches of our military.


On this Veterans Day I wanted nothing more than to write an article that would encompass all that these heroes are and all that they do for us and our country but I am sure I’ve fallen short of my goal. The words needed to sufficiently articulate the dedication of these unordinary men and women are far too big for the ordinary mind of a journalist like me.


I was privileged to know Capt. Haggerty, whose fame as a soldier was equaled by his reputation as one of the world’s greatest dog trainers. He was one of my mentors and I think of him today, reminded of his service to both his men and to the sport of dogs.


Although words cannot do justice in describing the sacrifices of our military men and woman, they must be recognized. Thanks to their heroic efforts we are, as Americans, able to enjoy the unparalleled sport of purebred dogs. Due to a military that preserves our freedoms, we in America are free to express our creativity in breeding purebred dogs. We enjoy exhibiting them and as Americans, we treasure the freedom to preserve such traditions.


The world of purebred dogs has been blessed by military people who have joined the fancy through the years. Young and old they have made a difference in our lives and in the sport of purebred dogs. Although they all refuse to be called heroes, that’s what they are.


The dog Fancy honors them this week.  Whether it was the Monuments Men (see below) or Army Private Larry Downey liberating Boxers from Germany during World II or U.S. Navy Lt. Commander George Howard Earle III, a Doberman Pinscher breeder telling Hitler “I have no problem with Germans I just don’t like you!


We remember World War II Veteran Lt. Colonel Wallace Pedé from the Twentieth Tactical Fighter Wing whose organizational expertise created the Senior Conformation Judges Education Association.  See him in this TV clip of  the Victory Day fly-rover. They all were and still are, heroes in our sport.


Take time to thank a veteran for their service on Veterans Day and when you do, learn something from their response. They are modest, respectful and silently grateful to have been remembered.


These are the qualities of a hero. Many average people are called a hero in the media today but few live up to the title. I have found our military heroes need no spotlight. They do not want to their names in print or their face on TV. What they do is a discipline of the heart.


Military personal and veterans who have entered the world of purebred dogs understand our dogs better than most.


LABRADOR RETRIEVER REGGIE (TANK)They understand these words, “watchful and loyal”.


They understand what it is to give your all and ask nothing in return. These are AMERICA’S VETERANS!


Take time to thank a Veteran today. Explore the display links below but first, read Reggie.  Then share this everywhere so others can do the same!


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