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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" and animal "welfare" organizations, learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS!




Authoritative information on breed bans, laws and regulations pushed by PETA and Humane Society causing bull-breeds to be seized, family dogs killed in Denver.




Animal Control and Police Come For Denver Dogs, slaughtered by the hundreds!You are preparing supper.  Animal control pulls up in front of your home and despite your rational and increasingly hysterical protests, they seize your family pet with a choke noose and haul her away to be killed.


Your children are crying, screaming, traumatized; how do you explain anything to them.  The youngest wants to know if "they" are going to come for her because the teacher said she is "different" from her classmates.  You try to reassure her even as your own heart is pounding and you reach for the phone.


It is 2013 and in just one three months period, over 380 dogs have been impounded and despite the best efforts of distraught owners, at least 260 have been “destroyed.”  Officials call it destroyed, we call it murdered, for no reason other than they have certain physical characteristics considered indicative of a propensity to bite people.


For the uninformed, pit bulls and bull terriers have an inherent (meaning bred into them) restraint against biting human flesh. Bull breeds were intentionally bred for pit fighting.  That means they must be handled by human hands, even when fighting.  Bully breeds are the least likely dog to ever bite a person!


Frantic, desperate families are smuggling any dog resembling a pit bull or bull terrier out of Colorado, preferring to give them up to rescue organizations and trust the dogs will find homes in other states.  Some rescue groups have been able to help owners bail out their dogs before the execution but only when owners sign an affidavit stating the dog will never be brought back to Denver.


One sanctuary, Mariah's Promise in Divide, CO has taken in more than three dozen pit bulls from Denver animal control.


Miami and Cincinnati have also banned pit bulls and any other dog that a totally uninformed (the correct word is “ignorant”) animal control person points the finger of death at by saying it “looks like” a pit bull.  Anti-dog laws are also sweeping across California and infecting other parts of free America.


Explain this to your children.  Convince them it won’t happen to them someday because they have blonde hair or are fat or slow learners or troublemakers or failing in school. 


How can those who serve the public and enforce the law commit such violent, frightening acts in front of children?


We bring you the story.  We can't bring solutions.  That can only come from YOU.  And it can only start in your home town.  Is anyone is Denver, Cincinnati, or Miami (the city that accepted a hundred thousand refugees and God only knows how many terrorists) happy about what their local government is doing?

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