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Toy Fox Terrier Information


First-ever AKC sanctioned Toy Fox Terrier Specialty Match, photos and winners, judge Richard Beauchamp, Del Valle Dog Club, CA



Toy Fox Terrier National Specialty 2001

A First-Ever AKC "A" Match For Toy Fox Terriers!

photos and notes by Barbara Andrews


Toy Fox Terrier SpecialtyIt was an AKC Sanctioned "A" Match, held October 20, 2001 in Pleasanton Calif. in conjunction with over 2,000 other Specialty show entries at the beautiful Alameda County Fairgrounds, site of the famous Del Valle Dog Club shows.

Breed Judge was none other than Mr. Richard Beauchamp, an internationally popular judge and a great supporter of rare breeds. Mr. Beauchamp serves as V.P. for the ATFTC and has been instrumental in guiding the club towards expected recognition in May of 2002. (Link to interview at end of article.)

Tan and White Toy Fox TerrierMatch Secretary was Karen Brancheau of New Jersey and she did a terrific job. She was assisted by many Parent Club members on hand despite the WTC tragedy of 9/11. Some of the Board that braved air travel were President Mike Massey, Treasurer Susan McCoy, Secretary Margi Hill, Director Laura Perkinson, and yours truly.

Laura Perkinson judged Sweeps with 13 entries making it to the show. Results:
6-9 puppy dogs, Theo Flying Ace Of Wildwood, owned by Kandra Garwood & Kevin Garwood. 2nd Windy Acres Right on Target - J&A Theobald and 3rd to Foxflame Sir Bark Alot - D. Carter

Lovely Toy Fox Terrier bitch9-12 mos puppy dog winner was MM's Sweet Sweet Vinnie, owner by Margaret & Kent Noren with 2nd to 2-Theo's Little Golden Teddy - J&A Theobald

12-18 mos. winner was Valcopy Head Over Heels owned by Joan & Andrea Meldrum, 2nd to KT's Bumpy Road - S. Richerson

6-9 Puppy Bitches winner was Berg's Miss Queen Kitty, Karen Berg owner. 2nd to 2-Westgate Miss Merrylegs - M. Keefe

9-12 mos. winner was Merryleg's The Mischief Maker owned by Susan McCoy. 2nd to 2-Foxflame Sheza Doozie - D&C LaFlamme

12-18 Mos. bitch winner was Valcopy Simply Irresistible, owned by Dianne & Randy Clark & Dane Plonkey. 
Susan McCoy of Westgate Toy Fox TerriersBest In Sweeps was Susan McCoy's showy 9-12 mos class winner, Merryleg's The Mischief Maker who was pushed hard by the 9-12 mos. puppy MM's Sweet Sweet Vinnie who received the BOS to Best In Sweeps Award.

There were over 30 entries in the Regular Classes, especially surprising when one considers that flying was something a lot of dog people had suddenly given up after the World Trade Center bombing.

Female Toy Fox Terrier winner6-9 Puppy Dogs winner was Windy Acres Right On Target, (Windy Acres Up and Adam x Windy Acres Something Special) bred by Shirley Stroud and owned by Jim & Audrey Theobald. 2nd and 3rd respectively to Foxflame Sir Barkalot- D Carter and Theo Flying Ace of Wildwood - K&K Garwood

12-18 months entry was KT's Bumpy Road (KT's Stanley Steamer x Foxlore Flash Foto Of KT) breeder-owner-handled by Sally Richerson.  

Bred By was won by the tan and white Hall's Buster Brown (Just Bodatious x Hall's Black Eyed Susanne) breeder-owner-handled by Teresa Hall. Other placements in this well-supported class were: 2nd Theo's Little Golden Teddy - J&A Theobald, 3rd MM's Sweet Sweet Vinnie - M&K Noren, and 4th KT's Standing Ovation - S Richerson

American Bred was Hopkins' Smooth Operator (Hopkins Royal Adventurer x Hopkins' Mike's Lady Ann) bred by Mrs. Phil Hopkins, owned by Susan McCoy and Barbara Benesh, shown by Susan.

A strong Open Dogs class was led by Pegasus Kajun-Fox Boudin Link (Kajun-Fox Drago Of Windy Acres x Kajun-Fox Sweet Praline Patty) bred by Mary Ann Bennett, owned by Denise Monette. Other placements: 2-Valcopy Head Over Heels - J&A Meldrum, 3-Goldenhill's Rocketman - S McCoy, 4-Gorden's Royal Irish Shine - N Goldsmith

6-9 Puppy Bitches was won by Berg's Miss Queen Kitty (Peters Stormy Weather Windy x Berg's Charming Minnie) breeder-owner-handled by Karen Berg with 2nd to Westgate Miss Merrylegs - M Keefe

9 - 12 mos. was a single entry, Merryleg's The Mischief Maker (Goldenhill's Gone With The Wind x Korbins Sarash) bred by Paulette Faber, owned by Susan McCoy.  

12-18 mos. winner ValCopy Simply Irresistible (Peters Stormy Weather Windy Acres x ValCopy Felicity) bred by Dana Plonkey, owned by Dianne & Randy Clark & Dana Plonkey. 2nd Windjangle Mary Poppins - N Goldsmith. 

Bred By Bitches Winner was Foxfire Flying Colors (Foxfire Bravo Bravissimo x Foxfire's Czarina Zavauna) breeder-owner-handled by Olen Nichols. 2nd thru 4rh went to -Westgate Royal Dancer - S McCoy & J Harrison, -Serendipity It's Justa Rumor - B Benesh, and Foxflame Sheza Doozie - D&C LaFlamme

Am-Bred, ValCopy Warrior Princess (Windy Acres ValCopy Micha x ValCopy Extra Special) Breeder Dana Plonkey, Owned by Dianne & Randy Clark & Dana Plonkey.

Open Bitch Winner was Outfoxed Mirror Image (Foxlore's Fine-N-Dandy x Foxfires's Calypso Oddyssey) breeder-owner-handled by Olen Nichols.

Other placements were 2nd to Foxflame Theo's Golden Image - C&D LaFlamme, Valcopy Miss Phoebe - D Plonkey, Gay Fantasia Sunrise - N Goldsmith

Best Of Breed went to the spectacular Open Dog entry, Pegasus Kajun-Fox Boudin Link

Best Opposite to BB to Olen Nichols charming little Bred By Exhibitor winner, Foxfire Flying Colors.

Due to conflicts with the scheduling of "regular" AKC breed judging, it was a long tiring day for all except the dogs! Champions all, the little Toy Fox Terriers showed their hearts out.  

Judge Richard Beauchamp awards Best Of Breed to Denise MonetteIt was a well-supported, perfectly presented first Toy Fox Terrier National AKC show in a beautiful venue. The judging was considerate and concise with quick, to-the-point critiques for the judges sitting ringside. The exhibitors were friendly and supportive of each other, free with genuine applause and good will..

It was an auspicious beginning for an old-new breed already generating tremendous interest and admiration from the AKC crowd. Make way in the Toy Group because America has come up with a sure 'nuff winner! 

My personal observation is that this breed is in good hands, well started, and will be a popular addition to the AKC Toy Group.

Sunday's Miscellaneous Class  Judge: Dr. Robert D. Smith
catalog information graciously provided by Susan McCoy, ATFTC Sect.

Dog Class
1-Gorden's Royal Irish Shine - N Goldsmith
2-KT's Bumpy Road - S Richerson
3-Westgate Whynot A Jet Setter - L Perkinson

Bitch Class
1-Merrylegs The Mischief Maker - S McCoy
2-Foxflame Theo's Golden Image - C&D LaFlamme
3-Windjangle PT's Cricket - N Goldsmith
4-Windjangle Mary Poppins - N Goldsmith
Because this is not a "regular" class, no Best Of Breed is awarded.

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