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Akita Information


Akita antics include stuff toys which you might not expect from such a dignified royal breed but, being childish about their toys says a lot about the Akita Breed.


Akita Antics

by Lynn Morgan, Midnite Akitas


Which Akita Collects The Most Toys? Why CH Gin No Taiyo Count O' Midnite that’s who! This Top 20 Akita only puts the toys the other dogs have been playing with from their toy chest back in his toy box, he never puts back the toys HE takes out...


"Bucky" Ch. Gin No Taiyo Count O' Midnite - Midnite AkitasDog show vendors know this Akita very well. He will carefully look over their offerings, choose an item, and carry it over to wherever it is to be paid for and sit holding his prize and wagging his tail while I pay for his "pretty."


One of the Louisville TV stations aired a shot of the big macho Akita carrying his toy ground hog into the show building. The teddy bear in this picture was the first toy we bought Bucky as a youngster; it's as old as he is. Both the toy and the Akita will be 10 years old in November and the teddy is not missing a single stitch.


He not only takes very good care of his own toys, after sharing a motel room with his Akita cousin, a confirmed toy-destroyer, Bucky seemed to have somehow taught the other dog not to tear up toys. I have no idea how he communicated this but the other dog, who was younger and seemed to watch "Bucky" a lot, did stop tearing up toys by the 5th or 6th dog show we attended together. The two Akitas live in separate houses and traveled in separate cars but "Bucky" taught the youngster to appreciate a toy collection.


Most Akitas enjoy playing with toys. All sorts of toys. My Akitas love the ones we buy just for them, but can have just as much fun entertaining themselves with everything from sticks or pine cones to cardboard boxes, empty plastic drink containers, and of course, articles of their human’s clothing.


New visitors to our door are often startled to be enthusiastically greeted by several large, furry Akita beasts, each carrying a stuffed toy in it’s mouth, grinning winsomely and wagging their curly tails so hard that the entire dog is wriggling, all the while dancing in circles, Rooing & Wooing a welcome around the mouthfuls of toy. Regular visitors have come to expect the "Akita meet & greet show routine." I have even been asked, "What do they want, jobs as Wal-Mart Greeters?"


Our Greeter Akitas will sometimes develop a strong attachment to a certain favored toy. Wolfie has one of those stuffed hedgehog toys which makes a very rude noise when it is squeezed. She insists upon taking it everywhere with her; including to the vet’s office, grinning and wagging when the vet asks her if she "brought her baby in with her today?"


Snowy has a major shoe fetish going, her most favored being Mom’s favorite sheepskin bedroom slippers. Snowy the Stealth Akita, finds them and will quietly appropriate them for her own personal use no matter how well they are hidden from her.


My Akita Joe has a real thing for toilet paper. If he manages to get into the bathroom, he will grab the end of the toilet paper and then run all through the house, dragging the unreeling roll behind him from room to room to room.


Bucky owns more toys than many children. We keep an extra large bin down on the floor filled with dog toys. Bucky doesn’t mind sharing his toy box but he does keep a very careful accounting of each and every toy. He will watch very carefully when one of the other Akitas takes a toy, keeping an eye on where the other dog and the toy are, and as soon as the other dog tires of that toy and leaves it, Bucky will slip over to pick up the abandoned toy, carry it back to the toy box, and replace it in his toy chest. Too bad he doesn’t also put back those toys that he has taken out for his own amusement. Those he leaves lying around for "mom" to pick up & put away.


Akitas seem to like a wide variety of toys, from the plush stuffed ones that squeak, to balls, hard plastic Giggle toys, Kongs & chewies. My big masculine Akita always insisted on carrying a toy to the ringside with him at dog shows. There was Easter show where I noticed that our judge was sending larger classes around the ring all together before looking at the class standing still or doing individual examinations. As the judge was someone I knew had quite a sense of humor, and we were first in catalogue order in a large class of Akita Champions, I let Bucky carry his Easter Bunny into and around the ring, leading his own Easter Parade of Akitas. He got a laugh from everyone that day including the judge.


Bucky began his "take my toy to the ring routine" as a youngster. A local Akita club had supported the entry at a show in which he was entered, and had placed the trophies, which were stuffed dog toys, on a table at the ringside so the Akita judge could distribute to the winners along with the ribbons. As the lady judge reached her hand out to give me a ribbon and a toy, Bucky very gently raised up on his back legs and took the toy for himself, grinning, "roo wooing" wagging and squeaking that toy!


Bucky loves to cruise the vendors at the dog shows, paying special attention to those who offer anything to eat, human or canine. He is well known and loved by the dog show vendors who have toys, treats, and/or food for sale. They know that Akita is a serious shopper!


Bucky accidentally shoplifted from a vendor at a crowded "Christmas Cluster" dog show one year. The vendors were on the show floor right up against the rings, making it difficult to get through the crowd of exhibitors waiting at ringside. When I finally got to the Akita ring I discovered that my Akita was gleefully gripping in his mouth a toy that most certainly did not belong to him.


It seemed that he had dropped the one he had been carrying and taken one from a vendor’s booth as he was passing by. As soon as we were finished showing, I had to work my way back through the crowd exactly the same way we had come, holding up high the "illegally obtained" toy until I found the vendor selling that particular item so that I could pay for it.


Akita antics? They are not as "serious" a breed as you might think.

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