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by Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH, & Herbology, SAAB Member (part 2)


Lyme Vaccine Disease can attack the immune and central nervous systems causing crippling, irritation, and aggression. Lyme disease vaccinations are characterized as “the most dangerous medical practice act done with the most frequency in every veterinary hospital across the United States.


Dogs let us do anything to them, even over-vaccinate and cause Vaccine Induced Disease, so common it has an acronym: VIDTreatment, antigens, pathology dog owners and  parents  need to know!  (note: Read Lyme Disease 1 first so that you have necessary background before reading Part 2)


The Central Nervous System. The aluminum and mercury in vaccines allow vaccine components to travel directly up peripheral nerves into the central nervous system. The aluminum increases the blood brain barrier permeability and allows the viruses, mercury, aluminum and antigens directly into the central nervous system. Vaccines appear to be a serious biosecurity breech for the vertebrate immune system and the disease that results from this Trojan Horse is capable of the worst forms of pathology.


Examples of Lyme Disease Aggression

Can the animals be suffering mental health problems from infections and from injections as are the humans? Travis, a 15 year old domesticated chimp in Connecticut with Lyme Disease (Lyme disease known to cause increased irritability) was acting agitated so the owner medicated the chimp with Xanax, an anti-anxiety medication. Xanax has been shown to cause aggression in people who are unstable to begin with. This Lyme disease infected chimp medicated with Xanax tore the face off a 55 year old woman friend of the chimp’s caretaker.  As reported in the 2010 network news story, the chimp had not experienced agitation or unnaturally aggressive behavior and had not warranted medication for agitation before the disease pathology of Lyme disease.


A report came into our veterinary service about changes in behavior following the Lyme vaccine. The owner said the dog had developed strange behavioral issues following Lyme vaccine administration.  He started circling the owner’s feet and tried to “herd” her movements. The dog was not a herding breed. Following the administration of the second Lyme vaccine in 3 weeks, there was more to watch.  First the dog increased his breathing, began to pant and had respiratory difficulty. Once again he started the strange pacing movements, circling the owner’s legs and feet preventing her from moving. This time the dog was exhibiting more agitation and when the owner drew closer to examine him more closely, the dog attacked her face, breaking the skin and drawing blood.


In both of these cases, the animals had never ever before exhibited such agitation or behavioral changes. One animal was listed as actually having Lyme disease; the other had the Lyme disease vaccine.


Neurological Symptoms of Lyme Disease

The neurological manifestations with Lyme disease or with Lyme vaccine disease have a wide range of symptoms; mood disturbance, confusion, depression, anxiety, and adjustment syndrome as the spirochete is known to penetrate the pituitary gland. ii Instant Information on VACCINE REACTIONS


Many experts believe the Lyme disease can “rewire” the brain and affect personality [reference; NY epidemiologist Dr. Daniel Cameron]. The CDC admits that 5% of patients may develop chronic neurological complaints months to years after infection, obsessive compulsive disorders, Lyme Rage, behavioral changes and even stage fright (performance anxiety) and are all linked to the pathology of Lyme. All working dogs, agility dogs and performance dogs should be kept free from tick exposure and Lyme vaccine disease as well.


Lyme Vaccine & Autoimmune Disease

The information about the Osp A lipoprotein antigen of Borrelia and the pathway to disease was known as early as 1988. Scientific studies demonstrated the Osp A cross reacts with nerve cell axons, joint synovial, heart and skeletal muscle protein and the interaction results in autoimmune disease. The Osp A is found to be responsible for delayed hypersensitivity immune response and is a potent inducer of interleukin l (Il-1) a cytokine with proinflamatory effects leading to distant cartilage and bone destruction.


The vaccine was approved for use in humans in 1998 despite the knowledge of this pathology from the antigen Osp A. Investigators found loop holes to avoid reporting all the adverse events from this vaccine. The mechanism for LNB (Lyme Neuroborreliosis) CNS (central nervous system) injury includes vasculitis, cytotoxicity neurotoxic mediators or autoimmune reaction via molecular mimicry. (6)


More Lyme Symptoms: Similar mechanisms of molecular mimicry and antigen specific T –cell responses have been recognized in both MS [multiple sclerosis] and chronic LNB [Lyme Neuroborreliosis]. Some cases could not demonstrate spirochete but showed non specific perivascular or vasculature lymphocytic inflammations. Uveitis, optic neuritis, conjunctivitis, episcleritis, keratitis, chronic intraocular inflammation orbital myositis, follicular conjunctivitis, direct ocular infections and delayed hypersensitivity (Type II), all of these manifestations of ocular disease were attributed to Lyme disease, but apparently the Lyme vaccine with Osp A is also capable of inducing the same. Headaches, spirochete triggered autoimmune provides mechanisms neurologic injury vasculitis, cytotoxicity, neurotoxic mediators or autoimmune reaction via molecular mimicry. This leads to the belief that T cells exacerbate the manifestations of Lyme Disease and CD4+ T cells have been found responsible for the observed immune mediated pathology. (7)


OspA vaccine-induced autoimmunity due to homology with mammalian cells was proven both in human and animal testing. Early reports showed several references to lab animals; monkeys with autoimmune disease. The FDA was aware that there was a link between the vaccine and the triggering of degenerative autoimmune disease. Favorite media mogul Martin Zuckerman helped push for fast pass of the human Lyme vaccine.  The FDA licensed the vaccine before safety studies were completed on the human version of the Osp A vaccine. The drug company Smith Kline Beecham had promised to do the safety studies but never did, thus the vaccine jab went into the arms of many people.


During the extended reports given by Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner to the FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting 11/28/01 this information was admitted as testimony. The FDA’s written conclusion was to recall the human Lyme vaccine, stating that the FDA should never again allow a pharmaceutical company to get away with promising studies tomorrow for drug approvals today. Also, those federal employees should never be allowed to consult in areas where they set federal policy.  Unfortunately, the FDA is still not operating under these obvious requirements for ethical standards and is still not looking out for public safety over corporate profits.


Lyme Vaccine Adverse Events

VAERS (vaccine adverse events records systems) lists the adverse events associated with the human Lyme vaccine; arthalgia, myalgia, pain arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, facial paralysis, hypersensitivity reactions and even some deaths (including suicide), thrombocytopenia and anemia, kidney compromise and heart disease…….the CDC reported such adverse events from the vaccine were already found in clinical trials prior to licensing the vaccine.


Lyme disease is also associated with endometriosis, abortions, miscarriages, stillborns, perinatal deaths, kidney and liver organ disease, increased blood pressure, arrhythmias, decreased vision, decreased hearing, babies born with Lyme disease from infected mothers (Dr. Alan MacDonald neonatal pathology specialist 1981), sexual transmission, transplacental passage and patterns of teratogenicity, especially heart defects.


Immune mediated presentations examples are splenomegaly, uveitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Neurological disorder increased irritability and aggression (mercury in vaccines can induce both per UCal Davis studies) depression, confusion, overeating, nerve damage in limbs and face, Bells Palsy, hallucinations, sleep disorders, memory loss, decreased concentration, seizures.


Secondary disturbances of endocrine-adrenal dysfunction being the most severe, gonadal deficiencies, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, hypothalamus pituitary function results in decreasing stimulating hormones for end organs, adrenal, growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, anti diuretic hormone.


Spirochetes have been found in breast milk, tears, semen urine, and babies via transplacental transfer and even via sexual intercourse.


Why is the CDC ignoring this? The spirochetes can be transmitted in blood products and the antigen for inducing the pathology can be transmitted in vaccines.  Dr. Lee Cowden warns: “only a very small percentage of those (contract) Lyme disease though a tick bite, the way conventional medicine is fixated on recognizing. Mosquitoes are now recognized for their ability to transmit Lyme disease.”


Remember field cases of Lyme infection in dogs at Penn’s Veterinary School?  95% of the naturally infected dogs showed no symptoms, they just tested positive on the test.  We are told that Lyme disease in humans is more symptomatic because they have not been infected as long but the description of Lyme disease as “hard to catch and easy to cure” hardly seems the case for humans.  Is this the truth for dogs?


A prominent alternative veterinary practitioner in Connecticut acknowledges the controversy surrounding symptoms of Lyme disease following vaccination.  He specifically points to the shortcomings of the vaccine manufacturer only looking for 24 hours for side effects when testing the vaccine prior to its release for dogs. He reports that research from Cornell University Veterinary School cites the long term effects from vaccination as rheumatoid arthritis and “all the symptoms of actual Lyme Disease to even death via acute renal failure”. He himself does not recommend the vaccine for his patients despite living in a Lyme endemic part of the country. He has seen the full spectrum of Lyme disease pathology following vaccination with Lyme vaccines but has had those dogs test negative on Western Blot tests ensuring that the pathology came from the vaccine and not from an infection. Dogs were affected 4-8 weeks post vaccination with the Lyme vaccine.


Lyme Vaccine Not Recommended

Dr. Ron Schultz, a leading veterinary vaccine researcher, also does not recommend or use Lyme disease vaccines on his own dogs despite living in a Lyme endemic part of the country in Wisconsin.  Dr. MP Littman Dip ACVIM of Penn School of Vet Med also does not recommend any Lyme vaccines. They all recommend you keep the dogs free of ticks. Most of the tick control products are also effective against mosquitoes and fleas - two more vectors recently associated with spirochete transfer and vectors of blood borne diseases.


None of the US Veterinary schools list the Lyme Vaccine on their recommended lists of vaccines for animals. The AVMA and AAHA also are not recommending Lyme vaccines as a part of core vaccination protocols. It is obvious to me that there are too many problems with all the Lyme vaccines on the market and with the outer surface antigens like OspA; a bigger problem with immunopathology being generated, cross reactivity and molecular mimicry. With this and other lipoproteins in vaccines, any vaccine is capable of a large host of pathological results to those vaccinated. Since the goal of vaccination is to prevent disease and thereby promote optimal health, neither of which is achieved with the Lyme vaccine, it would be best to avoid the promotional spin, propaganda, and Lyme vaccination.


Doxycycline Treatment is an antibiotic which relieves symptoms of pain from either Lyme disease or Lyme Vaccine Disease. Only one dose of Doxycycline has been found to offset the chance of Lyme disease following a tick bite if administered within 24 hours. (8) This is good to know.


Doxycycline is anti-inflammatory and treats reactive arthritis, stops blood stasis like aspirin, is anti clotting, and with additional antibiotics, prevents cerebral damage, attenuates cardiac hypertrophy (a consequence of prolonged hypertension), kills Wolbachia (a comensal organism of heartworms) is also the drug used to treat other tick borne diseases, and most important, down-regulates the production of MMP’s (matrix mettalicoproteinases). MMP’s are enzymes which have evolved from the demand for vaccines to be now capable of dissolving mammalian bone and tissue. So, this is one drug that we should all know about. Doxycycline works as an immune modulator and can even turn off types of GI cancer.


I recommend that my patients in tick infested areas take the precaution of being on Astragalus during tick seasons. Astragalus is but one herb that has immunomodulating abilities. There are many herbs that can be used to help the body against spirochete infections and even in the treatment of Lyme Vaccine disease, the disease of immunopathology following vaccination. See Stephen Harrod Bruhner’s book Healing Lyme Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis and its co infections.


I see those suffering Lyme disease and Lyme vaccine disease with many co-infections which point towards a dys-regulated and dys-functional immune system. All of the co-infections to date point toward a cell mediated immune suppression which is what can happen following vaccine administrations, vaccine damage being cumulative.


Vaccines are an abnormal pathogen presented in an abnormal route (inoculation); are immune dys regulating, removing a healthy Th1 (cell mediated) immune system bias and replacing the healthy immune system with a dys regulated immune system and Th2 (humoral) bias. The cumulative damage from this process atrophies the mucosal immune system and paralyzes the cell mediated immune system. We need the cell mediated immune system to deal with everything that accompanies the co-infections; bacterial, viral, fungal, yeast, internal and external parasites, intestinal and skin.


So the bigger picture is to see the dys regulation that vaccines do against health. When you are not even getting any demonstrable immunity from vaccines, you must let go of the myth that vaccines make you healthy. Vaccines de-construct health, de-regulate the immune system, and have adverse effects on the inflammatory response. Most of the disease I see today in the animals (and in people) is a reflection of this unnatural immune assault and the uncalculated damage to the immune system. Chronic and uncontrolled inflammation with loss of focus and control is exactly what leads to cancer and exhausted adrenals and early death.


Many websites are giving out very bad information, much of it vaccine propaganda coming directly from veterinary sources promoting the canned sales pitch of drug companies.


Don’t fall victim to the advice of those who are pushing the most dangerous medical practice act done with the most frequency in every veterinary hospital!


Personally I am tired of the drug companies pawning off failed products developed for human medicine that either were recalled or worse yet, never made it to licensing from the FDA. Stay tuned for a growing listing of those products. Lyme vaccines were removed from the human market because they failed to perform the proper safety studies prior to release and because of the numerous adverse events that followed the vaccine, including reactivating latent Lyme, making an identical Lyme Disease pathology from the vaccines, increasing the immune mediated events and even resulting in death.


Safety studies are not performed on any vaccines that answer the question of carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, genetic, autoimmune disease, and immune mediated disease from the vaccination. When the vaccine in question has never been proven to establish immunity against said disease or the pathology suffered in the disease, what is the point of the needle prick?


In February 2009 Parker Posey the actress was diagnosed with Lyme disease and following a failed treatment with allopathically prescribed medications, she ultimately turned to an alternative, holistic course. Nutrition, supplements, detoxification and homeopathic physician prescribed remedies have helped her beat Lyme disease. Now Posey is throwing her support behind the documentary “Rethinking Cancer” which is about five individuals using nutrition and detoxification, supplementation and homeopathy, purely holistic routes to cure their disease.


None of the Lyme vaccines on the market or coming onto the market are going to properly address the threat of immune dys function from the Bb spirochetes. Diagnosis of the disease is problematic and vaccination is certainly not the way to avoid disease from the spirochete’s antigens.  Genetically engineered medicines and foods are not safe unless you refer to being safe as “safe like tobacco” or “safe like vaccines.” New GE vaccines will not be safe because no one is performing due diligence or proper oversight for these products.


Lyme disease vaccines have killed people and animals so my advice is “don’t get Lyme Vaccine Disease through the needle prick, instead patrol the vector tick!”


Click if you missed Lyme Disease Prt. 1 - Veterinarian on neurological & immune systems; exposure and cause.


(6) Rupprecht TA, et al, The pathogenesis of LNB from infection to inflammation Mol Med 2008; 14:205-12.

(7) McKiser MD, Redmond WL, Barthud SW, Cutting Edge-T cells mediated pathology in Murine Lyme Borreliosis, Journal of Immunology, 2000; 164:6096-6099.

(8) Nadelman RB, Nowakowski J, Fish D, et al., Prophylaxis with single dose  Doxycycline for the prevention of Lyme disease after an Ixodes scapularis tick bite, NEJM 2001; 345 (2):79-84.


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If you wonder why America has suffered so much "madness" and violence in 2017, it might interest you to know that Lyme Disease originated in a government laboratory in Lyme CT.  To understand the impact Lyme Disease has had on humanity, read PLUM ISLAND: THE MYSTERIOUS HISTORY OF LYME DISEASE.


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