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Veterinarians clean teeth to prevent bacterial dental infection that leads to heart failure. Small dogs are prone to dental disease because the carnivore's teeth were made to gnaw RAW bones and safe American made rawhide bones...


Don't miss the German Shepherd's message in the last video.  But first, if you own a toy breed dog be aware that you may need professional tooth cleaning to preserve his teeth and his health.  The first video of no-anesthesia teeth cleaning is a must-watch, produced by show breeder/author Jan Rasmussen who explains how veterinary dental cleaning can and should be done. Her wide-awake little Maltese deserves an Academy award.


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Why brushing doesn't work to remove tartar or prevent bacterial infection which can damage heart and/or kidneys. In this video the dog is under general anesthesia and the vet explains why this must be so in order to do the job correctly.  Excellent information for dog owners who feed commercial dog food and fail to provide raw beef bones and "made in America rawhide chews".


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Non-Anesthetic dental care from scaling to polishing. The dogs used are large, docile breeds and the video is actually a promo tooth cleaning procedure for veterinary services. Extremely interesting and convincing for suitable dogs.


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Important, illustrated information on preserving your dog's teeth and health!


TOP TEN VETERINARY VISITS: Prevent having to go to the vet for dental disease and allergies, which can be from medicine reactions or dog food.

TEETH CLEANING RISKS & BENEFITS: keeping your dog's teeth clean to maintain dental health (and protect against heart disease) but is there an alternative to anesthesia risk? EST 1998 © 15091607



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