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International all-breed judge responds to Trinidad reporter on Legislation and Dangerous Dog laws: this short video should be airing on all dog sites!


Fred Lanting on current judging in TaiwanFred Lanting, affectionately known as "Mr. German Shepherd," is an international All-Breed judge.  Fred has authored top selling books on the GSD and CHD (canine hip dysplasia) but he has equal skill with the spoken word as is evident on this short video.


Trinidad TV's on-site TV reporter does her best to trip him up about "dangerous dogs" but Fred's response is inarguable, understandable, and applies to people as well. You are welcome to quote his observations on 'dangerous dog laws' and 'breed specific legislation' in America. 


Permission granted to share this video and/or present it at your breed or kennel club meeting.


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Breed Specific Legislation Interview With Fred Lanting - 7 minutes

Editor's Note: Fred Lanting is known to us as a “dog man” (worldwide judge, trainer, lecturer), and to others as a retired organic chemist and college instructor. He is also a student of Philosophy and Shakespeare expert and we thank him for combining his love of the bard and the barkers. He has lectured around the world on breeding, judging, canine movement, and CHD (canine hip dysplasia). Click to view/purchase Fred's Publications. EST 1998 © reft#1312197



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