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Do you ever wonder what your dog does while you are gone? What would happen in case of fire or vandalism?





E. Katie Gammill, AKC Judge


Most of us hire people to exercise, clean kennels, feed, water and secure our dogs for the night. However, what about the in-between hours when the kennel help cannot be on the premises? Are you sure your dog is secure?


Visiting a kennel, I saw a camera monitor with eight different views from different angles. By asking further questions, I found this was in case of fire or vandalism when the owner wasn’t present and the kennel help was not on the premises. Their pet-tracker-monitor was tied into the Verizon cell phone and available for viewing at any time.


Therefore, if a situation arose, even if the owner wasn’t home, immediate action could be taken to assure the safety of the dogs. That is peace of mind unheard of before this technology. The price has come down from the early range of over $200 to today’s reasonable prices of under $50 and the cost is well worth the peace of mind.


Not being a computer whiz myself, for those who are, this may be an indispensable gadget for large kennels and even for pet owners. In this manner you can watch your dogs for their security and safety and that is comforting and fun too.


The GPS-enabled pet tracker looks somewhat like a bark collar or fence collar. It is water resistant and can withstand a bath, but it won’t hold up under water for a long length of time. The tracker clips onto the collar and comes with a docking station for charging. It has GPS-enabled tracking.



Setup takes place as does payment and software updates. You register the serial number and pet’s name, breed, etc., enter billing information, then set up alerts and designate the home tracking zone. Settings are adjustable, can be changed. and take a minimum amount of time.


Even if you have a securely fenced yard a pet tracker collar is fascinating and useful. One cannot not only watch your pet but also see the activity level. If your dog gets loose, your designated home zone can stretch from a city block to an entire neighborhood.


If he or she strays outside the designated areas, you will receive notification and location of your pet.


The built-in tracker battery is rated up to 30 days. People in town who keep dogs inside or on leash may not need this service but could find it interesting. Those in the country or kennel owners in rural locations may find it an invaluable safety net.


This isn’t something I personally need but it could be a real asset to those working away from home or dog owners leaving for a weekend. Working in combination with the caretakers, it simply is a valuable back up in some circumstances. And of course, it is peace of mind for owners or caretakers of the dog.


Service plans are available through your phone or internet provider and probably on dog supply sites. It is usually a reasonable set up fee and small monthly charge. Being able to “see” your dog(s) when you are away from home or knowing you can track your dog’s whereabouts if he gets lost, are just a phone call away. Breeders and pet lovers cannot put a price on peace of mind.

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