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Texas Governor Rick Perry signed the HSUS sponsored HB 1451.  Is Perry who we want for President?


When Governor Rick Perry signed "The Puppy Mill Bill" he stripped the rights of every Texas citizen, not just dog breeders.


June 2011 - Last week Rick Perry said on network news that he is "thinking about" running for President. Rush Limbaugh said Perry for President would be a "game changer" and regardless of party affiliation, most Americans would agree. Perry is powerful. And he's a busy guy, what with all the thinking and strategizing going on in his camp. He doesn't have time to read every word of every bill that someone with a vested interest puts on his desk for signature.


But every animal owner in Texas has better take time to read this.  HB 1451, introduced by two Democrats, "establishes a new state bureaucracy to regulate home dog and cat breeders mandating inspections of private property, large fees and enormous fines. The new law allows the right of entry into citizens' homes without warrant and without the owners' presence and establishes a "bounty fund" to pay activists for reporting dog and cat breeders to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR.) The bill regulates law abiding Texas citizens and hampers economic and business growth in order to promote the private agenda of heavily financed special interest groups. The HSUS/ASPCA/PETA backed bill violates personal property rights, contradicting key values that Governor Perry professes to uphold and important principles of his campaign."  This synopsis is from  SAOVA, our strongest ally in legislative tracking  Go to SAOVA for more details and watch the campaign carefully!


It does not matter which state you’re in!  If enough of you take 2  minutes out of your busy day to protect your own vested interest, Rick Perry will get the message. Ask Governor Rick Perry to "VETO HB 1451" the misnamed "Puppy Mill Bill." Perry's campaign managers will get a national message loud and clear. That is, if dog and cat owners care enough to fight for their pets - and for their Constitutional Rights to own Property, to be free of Search and Seizure, and the right to Privacy.


The following excerpts are from Diane Amble, RPOA Texas Outreach and Responsible Pet Owners Alliance "HB 1451 is not written to regulate dog and cat breeders, but to eliminate them. Tell Rick Perry this is Texas and not California! If he doesn't veto this bill, we'll remember at election time! Tell him you own dogs and/or cats and you vote in every election. Use any of the Talking Points below if you wish (or use your own).


"HB 1451 was not written for Texas and is being steamrolled all across the country by HSUS, an animal "rights" organization. In 2005 HSUS failed to get PAWS, a federal bill, passed to license every dog breeder in the U.S. and vowed to take it to the states. Senator Rick Santorum sponsored the HSUS bill and lost his next election.


"HB 1451 was defeated last session. Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) is the Texas lapdog for HSUS and responsible for the extreme animal "rights" legislation we face each legislative session. Last November's elections have shown that voters want an open transparent government and we certainly didn't see that with this bill. The bill was rammed through by Rep. Thompson and Senator Whitmire - same sponsors as last session. Every legislative rule in the book was broken; meeting notice requirements suspended, etc. Allegedly Rep. Thompson threatened to block any bills from going through her Local & Consent Calendar Committee if legislators didn't support her bill. The vote was corrupted!"


Folks, that is what you saw happen to the Medicare Bill aka Obama Care, and other federal bills. Secret sessions behind closed doors, then legislators are forced to vote on something they don't care about or haven't read. That is the way "politics" is done since before the turn of the century. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party supporter, it doesn't matter, we can't let the HSUS, PETA, and other animal rights groups subvert our political process and thereby change the face of America. Here's what RPOA Texas Outreach and Responsible Pet Owners Alliance plan to do:


"Every legislator who voted "Aye" on HB 1451 has been recorded and will be publicized extensively through many web sites in Texas and elsewhere.  President Cile Holloway, Texas Humane Legislation Network, has publicly stated they wanted to get "anything" passed this session and come back later. Senator Whitmire said the bill will be back next session. HB 1451 is only the beginning -- not the end. "The standards adopted under this section must at a minimum meet federal USDA regulations." The only breeders who can meet these standards are the existing 36 USDA licensed facilities in Texas. There will be no more breeder licenses sold unless expensive new facilities are built. With pet stores banned in Austin and El Paso, the handwriting is on the wall.


"The exemptions hastily added to the bill at the last minute are meaningless and will have to be defined in the court system. Dogs "bred for hunting, herding, tracking, chasing, pointing, flushing, or retrieving game, competing in field trials, hunting tests, or similar organized performance events" is ambiguous and not defined anywhere. Selling any puppies from those litters as family "pets" is questionable.


"Since the Breeder License is renewed annually, a dog that qualifies one year may not qualify in subsequent years. The rules are yet to be written by an Advisory Committee which will undoubtedly be stacked with THLN members. Della Lindquist, an attorney with Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (the agency that helped write and will interpret/enforce the law) has been exposed as an Austin animal "rights" extremist.


"The bill refers only to "dog and cat breeder" now with all reference to "commercial and high volume breeder" removed. It was always meant to apply to show dog and cat breeders and exhibitors. There is no legal definition of a "Puppy Mill."


"This legislative session has seen bills filed to eventually end ALL dog and cat breeding, sterilize every dog and cat in the state and establish a "Pet Abuser Registry" to elevate animals to human status as in a "Sex Offender Registry." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see their radical agenda.


Despite an avalanche of mail and calls asking Governor Rick Perry to "VETO HB 1451", he ignored his constituents.


With Perry now running for President, the HSUS anti-breeder bill moves closer to becoming national law.

Reference Information:

2012 candidate Rick Perry’s position on radioactive drinking water, dog owners, health and privacy rights, Gardasil and Coyotes.


Classic HSUS Lobbying Success- Gov. Rendell announces needed puppy mill regulation, another HSUS Lobbying success, from the Puppy Mill state of former Senator Santorum (PAWS sponsor). EST 1998 © June 2011



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