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Looking for a family dog? Choose a purebred whose genetic health is more predictable and researchable than a mixed breed which inherits a mixed bag of potential problems.





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Despite what you may have been told, the FACT is that a registered purebred is the most likely to be healthy now and in the future. Why? Because that “pedigreed” dog has known genetic components that determine overall health, plus mental, structural and physical soundness.


Pedigreed Dogs Are Predictable

It is a simple fact. That’s because dedicated dog breeders are credentialed in the study and application of genetic factors known to influence growth and overall health. They spend a lot of money proving the quality, health, and soundness of their breeding stock.


Because of the time and financial investment little is left to chance in nurturing and socializing a litter of purebred puppies where some are expected to become top show dogs. Plus, the reputation of a “show breeder” is on the line. It is also economic reality. Those puppies were created by purpose, not by accident or neglect.


Where you, the buyer or “adopter” are concerned, a mixed breed (a fancy name for “mutt” or “mongrel”) dog that produces a litter is more likely to be owned by someone who neglected the mother dog.


Genetics Help To Insure A Healthy Dog

Purebred dog owners control canine health through diet and environment. They do genetic health testing and have the certifications and/or veterinary records to prove it. Veterinary science has made great strides in physical examination tools and new testing methods comprise a huge database. Serious breeders of purebred dogs do health testing. Obviously, mongrels cannot be tested. Our Science and Advisory Board is however, compelled to comment on the validity of health tests: they can be faked by unscrupulous breeders. Microchipping helps defray fraud but many breeders worry about ii microchip migration


Granted, some purebred dog breeders do a better job than others but for the most part, the mother dog and her puppies have emotional and financial value to the owner.


That means the mother and her litter have a better chance at optimum health than a litter whelped in a dog pound (now known as a “shelter” whether it is or not) or a back alley. That homeless or neglected mother dog (and her puppies) will have been exposed to disease and both mental and physical stress.


A Purebred Puppy Is Born In The House, Not Under The House

Ask how long the breeder has been in THAT BREED if they show successfully (i.e. proving the quality of their breeding program, which takes that long to develop….) If the seller is a real breeder, they will talk your ear off about their credentials. You can also determine if that breeder is respected by their peers and belongs to the national "parent" breed club.


Can anyone tell you what to look for to insure a healthy dog? No. Current health can be ascertained by a competent veterinarian but there are no guarantees on future health, human or animal.


Don't be afraid to ask questions; and whether you already have your best friend or are still looking, here is "Instant Information" to the world’s first veterinary verified resource for pet owners, breeders, and show enthusiasts.


And to help you buy a quality purebred dog, here is the net's most accredited list of purebred dog breeders. EST 1998 © 1809



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