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Maureen Coyle


All of the dogs I have owned, regardless of breed or age, had their private jokes and individual sense of humor and I wonder if that is true with other family dogs?


Moreover, each dog has an individual personality and therefore an individual sense of humor. Let me give you an example and then YOU email the editor (or tell us on our facebook page) something your dog does that makes you laugh or wonder about “dumb dogs” that aren’t!



Cyril’s most recent laugh-fest was the result of the connecting door to the garage being left open so that no matter how many times Daddy put him inside the front door, he could sneak out again through the garage while Daddy was doing work in the courtyard. (Mommy was watching from the sunroom.)


By the third time, my dog was already laughing when my husband picked him up to again put him back inside and he kept laughing as he raced back through to the garage to pop out at Daddy again, which had us all laughing!


Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the funniest.


Then there was Bambi (photo above). We had a young fellow in to do some work on the house and Bambi made friends with him over the course of the week. One day however, his work involved him making multiple trips up and down the stairs to the front door and Bambi decided to follow on his heels and bark.


After I apologized a couple of times for her hectoring, we were standing in the foyer talking and I saw Bambi sitting just inside the living room door watching with suspiciously bright eyes. “Bambi,” I said, “You know perfectly well you’re being silly! You just think it’s a fun game running after Gabe barking your head off, don’t you?” upon which her mouth widened into a delighted doggy grin so infectious we had to laugh too.


Of course, Ahab had his own quirky sense of humor. While staying at the beach, he was keeping me company upstairs in the bedroom where I was folding some clothes. Well, he jumped up on the bed, but instead of settling down and relaxing, he began a rapid-fire bark in the direction of the dresser.


What? I went over to him multiple times to see what it could be that excited him in that direction but there was nothing odd on the dresser. I even checked behind and underneath the dresser to see if one his toys was there. Nope. Finally, I gave it up and went back to folding clothes but the barking started up again with even more emphasis.


Then, as I glanced up, Ahab’s eyes met mine in the mirror above the dresser, twinkling at me, and he was grinning with his mouth wide open. Hahaha! Yes, dogs have a wonderful sense of humor!


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