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Let's go for a walk with rescued Hounds! It's a beautiful day for a 2 hour walk in Mount Tom State Reservation in Massachusetts



Northeast Coonhound Rescue Walk

by Jerry Sambrook

November 3rd was a cool morning. It made for a great day to have a walk. Ten of us got together at Mt Tom State Reservation in Holyoke/East Hampton Massachusetts. This 2,161 acre facility offers 22 miles of hiking and walking trails. Today, we will be covering approximately 3.5 miles of trails, including a small portion of the Metacomet/Monadnak trail system. More information including directions to the reservation can be found at:

(Just click "State Parks" from right hand column).


Some of the scenery found on the walk includes the valley containing Easthampton, Southampton, and Northampton Mass, including the Oxbow portion of the Connecticut River.



Southwest facing and is of the town of Easthampton and goes all the way to the Berkshires.



This is the remnants of the original road that ran along the mountain ridge to a hotel that was located here up to the 1920’s.


The walk started at the visitor center along the road for a short distance. We then took a left turn onto the Dynamite trail, which we took for a very short distance. A right turn at the blue marks on the trees put us onto the John McCool Trail. This trail covers a nice rolling walk area and is about 1 mile long. At the end of the trail, we took another right, and were on the “M and M” trail for a short distance, until hitting the service road again, A left turn and a short climb brought us to the end of the road, and the lookout noted:



Nine of the ten walk participants and the seven dogs. The dogs are as follows: The pups, from left to right are: Layla (TWC), Ulysses (Redbone), Leon (Bloodhound), Lindy (redbone), Rue (Hound mix), Watson (TWC), and Buddy (Foxhound)


The dogs all got along great on the walk. There were no social issues once they had all checked out each other. What is good about the selection is that all of the dogs are rescues, and came from various parts of the country. It was fun to watch the dogs react to each other and to the scents in the air and on the ground. Typically, when I walk Buddy, I use a 30 foot training lead, so that he can run scents a little.

For period on the trail, Watson and Buddy switched leads so Watson’s owners could give a try at a long line. And of the seven dogs on the walk, the only one that could be trusted off leash was Rue.


After spending about 15-20 minutes looking out on the scenery and talking amongst ourselves, we decided to head back down to the visitor center to end the 2 hour walk.



The walk out was very easy. The last three dogs seen here from left to right are Rue, Lindy, and then Buddy back on his long line lead.



View from the lookout facing northwest. The Connecticut River’s Oxbow is visible here. As well as Northampton Mass.



View from the lookout facing west/northwest. Visible are a couple of the old mills that founded Easthampton Mass, as well as the Arcadia Wildlife center.


I want to thank all that came.


I also want to thank Ann Lambertus for the Northeast Coonhound Rescue (, through which made this walk possible. There will be another fall walk located somewhere in Western Mass.



Jerry Sambrook

Article reprinted courtesy of Coonhound Gazette EST 1998 ©



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