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The 1st Place for veterinary facts on neurotoxins and addictive dog food ingredients that cause behavioral and health problems.



Can you imagine a wolf eating corn? Our unaligned veterinarians and pet food authorities make feeding your dog safer and easier.


Acacia, Bloat and Canines



A risky new source of dog food presents potentially deadly dietary problems for your dog.


Pet Food Nutraceuticals Disaster



Check your dog’s food for this risky preservative.


Doggie Delights



Quick, easy dog treats and healthy dog food like chicken, beef and fruit.


Pet Food Ingredients Defined...



Your dog begs you to learn LABEL LINGO and know what the ingredients are!


Imported Dog Food Ingredients



Concerns about dog food ingredient safety and origin due to Ukrainian grain problem.


Gene Science Food Calamities



Scientists spliced genetically modified DNA into carrots to sterilize pesky possums.


Matter Of Taste To A Dog

A shorter intestinal tract, the Creator’s plan, our dogs suffer no ill effects.



Are Dogs Carnivores Or Not?

Is your dog carnivorous (meat) or omnivorous (meat/veggies) Comment what you think and why?



Wildlife Lesson In Canine Diet

The world's first and most definitive dog food information, backed by nature and all carnivores!


Dog Food And Sprouts

DOG FOOD AND SPROUTSSprouts can offer extra fiber to your dog's diet and help keep certain types of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes at bay.


Rainbow Stew For Dogs

Old dog? Sick dog? Dog won’t eat? This simple recipe will have your dog up and eating and begging for more!


Quality Control Label Lies

Most pet food labels conceal palatants, MSG, road kill, veterinary or slaughter house waste, euthanized pets...


Grape And Raisin Debate

Owners have always given grapes to dogs but raisins are a different story, one you need to read!


Recalled & Unfit Dog Food

List of dog food brands recalled for excessive amounts of Vitamin D which can cause kidney failure or death. Also the Neutraceutical Disaster, Super-Secret research labs, Jerkey Treats and more.


Dog Diet Full Circle

What!! Organ meats like liver, heart, and tripe? Where can I get it?


Manufactured Edibles NOT Food

Update on Greenies dog treats after labeling lawsuit but words are tricky so...


GRAPES POISON DOGS MYTH! Deadly fruit debunked

Deadly Fruit Debunked!

study raises ethics questions.


Raisin Poisoning

2018 UPDATE: She couldn't afford veterinary hospitalization but this home treatment saved his life.


ASPCA Poison Control

At $60 a call, its a killer!



Veterinarian responds to ASPCA Poison Control report.


Poison Grape Debate

Readers debunk the hysteria.


Poisoned by Grapes?

The "cure" can be worse than the problem!


Veterinary Dog Food Advice

Junk dog food and meatless prescription diets can cause problems the vet profits from treating.


RAW MEAT VERSUS COOKED - BARF feeding your dog.Raw Meat vs. Cooked

I do not feed a raw meat diet (BARF) nor do I recommend it to my puppy owners due to harmful bacteria...


Corn Gluten Meal

EPA classified as pesticide, it is a common health risk in human & pet foods.


Corn Is For Cows!

Short lesson on canine nutrition and why dogs can't digest corn.  A CLASSIC, most-read.


Corn & Violent Behavior

Aggression increasing in pooches and people... both ingest GMO corn.


Ageless Canine Nutrition

Misleading special foods for puppies or older dogs, allergies and weight gain.


Health Begins With Canine Nutrition

Got feeding your dogs down to a science? Read this judge's advice.


Pet Food Ingredients

what nutracueticals do to your dog!


DOG EAT DOG - What's in this dog food can?  We know you can't trust the label ingredients because it is indeed a "dog eat dog" world.Dog Eat Dog in Dog Food!

What "meat meal" on the label can mean plus drugs used to euthanize pets....


Dog Food Ingredients Defined

What's in your dog's food? Ingredients sources. Skip if you have a weak stomach.


Natural & Holistic Dog Food Labels

ingredients so bizarre it makes consumers want to retch.


Pet Food Ingredients: Probiotics

can cause itching, vomiting, and chronic diarrhea. NEW information!


China And The American Consumer

It's not just dog food; FDA can't control the food YOU eat!


New Dog Food Contains Neurotoxin

Rosemary extract is a known neurotoxin.


FDA Finds Salmonella In Dog Food

Listed batch of Ol' Roy (Wal-Mart brand) dog food.


Elbow, Hip and Hock Problems

How to prevent slipping patellas, popping hocks, elbow and hip dysplasia in the dog.


Clay Found In Dog Food!

Used in livestock feed, clay leads to high levels of poisonous dioxins.


How Arsenic Gets In Dog Food

FDA approved arsenic in pet food chain; poisoning symptoms in dogs and humans.


COUNTERFEIT DOG FOOD & fake label pet foods can be deadly dog food!Counterfeit Dog Food

Enters USA under familiar pet food names. 


Deadly Dog Food Deaths

Reported by Netplaces Network subscribers and the Cornell Veterinary University.


FDA Reports On Diamond Dog Foods

How the companies failure to properly test corn in 2005 led to hundreds of dog deaths.


Diamond Dog Food

Same company, different product, different toxin, causes severe seizures.


FDA Confirms Nutro Pet Food Probe

Diarrhea, vomiting, illness, even death, associated with Pedigree/Nutro Foods.


Genetic Corn In Dog Food

Not fit for human consumption - or to be a dog food ingredient!


GMO Food Deception

Consumers demand federal labeling to let us know what's in human AND pet foods.


Genetically Engineered Food

What's in those taco shells - and dry dog food?


Ol'Roy Dog Food Recall

2006 due to Enamel Coating of Can Flaking Off in Food!



Does your dog eat dirt, poop, or grass?  He's craving what he would naturally obtain from his prey's digestive track, simple solution!


Bones and Raw Food = BARF

Yucky sounding name but your dogs will thrive on this natural dog food diet.


Raw Meat Debate

share recipes and experience on raw, canned or kibble.


Raw Meat Diet Decision

Top dog breeders comment on raw meat and this inexpensive regime.



Wolf Knows Dog Food!

The critical missing ingredient in your dog's diet your vet doesn't even think about.


Cancerous Beef In Pet Food

We believed that updated food laws meant our food supply was safer until...


Grass, Fruits & Veggies

ALL carnivores eat grass for digestive enzymes.  Does your apartment dog or cat get grass?


Nutritional Lies & Quality Control

An inside look at dog food labels and deaths from aflatoxin.


Gastric Torsion Is An Emergency

Symptoms, prevention, treatment and note that wild dogs don't eat dog food!


Gastric Torsion In Toy Dogs

Misdiagnosis in a tragic Boston Terrier bloat case.


Soybeans Back In Dog Food

bloat-causing soy in pet foods and can wreak havoc on your dog.


The Myth of Protein Deficiency

Created by dog food labels. HOW TO feed raw meat, fruit, vegetables, etc.


RECALLED & UNFIT DOG FOOD INFORMATION - PROVIDED BY, America's first digital dog news.Recalled & Unfit Pet Food Information

Quick-Find by brand, company, UPC code, alphabetized ingredients and herbs analysis.


Dog Food Recall Or Not?

Pet food company doesn't RECALL and FDA doesn't care!


Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit

over feeding the remains of someone’s pet, including phenobarb and euthanasia drugs.


Syndrome X

Dogs are also at risk from starchy carbs and glucose intolerance.


Experts Debate Probiotics In Dog Foods

Do we believe nature or what the ad agencies say dogs need?


Prebiotics, Food or Drugs?

What are these laboratory-created bacteria & the prebiotics that FEED them?


Dog Food & Reproductive Problems

The science of excitotoxins and estrogen inhibitors in dog food.


*None of the statements contained herein as regards human or animal health have been evaluated by the FDA.  Information is provided for educational purposes only.  The ii NetPlaces Network advises you to always check with a licensed veterinarian or medical doctor.  Information or products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness, disease, or condition, whether animal or human.  This disclaimer is due to FDA restrictions designed to protect you, the consumer.  It does NOT however, protect you from malpractice, prescription drugs, or vaccines.


The Pet Food Scandal of 2009

Exposes deadly risk in disposal chain, counterfeit brands & offshore recycling.


Deadly Botulism Recall

Food manufactured by companies with "equipment failure" on production lines.


MSG In Dog Food?

The "flavoring" poison we are eating and feeding our dogs.


Fluoride in 8 of 10 Pet Foods

It destroys bones and breeding programs, symptoms of fluoride poisoning...


New Dog Food Fibers & Fillers

The last thing your dog needs is LESS useable nutrition!


Humane Choice from HSUS

VEGAN Dog Food - Reads like bird seed!!! A bad choice for your dog.


Pet Food Industry In Peril

How recalled dog food gets in human food!


Pet Tabs Multi-vitamins

Contaminated with lead and rebuttal from Pet-Tabs


Greenies New Formula - 2006

Safer? After national TV exposure and lawsuits, the company says...


Genetically Modified Foods

From salmon to toxic corn, foods have no FDA labeling to show they are GMO.


Biotin: Good or Bad?

Dog food companies replaced corn with sweet potatoes but excess B-vitamins can interfere with critical lab results.


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