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Barbara J. Andrews, AKC Hall Of Fame Breeder, SAAB Member


Watching the NatGeo special on the Yellowstone Wolves, I was struck by their magnificent condition, long lives and how to apply that knowledge to domestic dogs.


The handsome pack leader led for almost decade until his mate died. Wolves mate for life. A male wolf usually assumes leadership because of his strength and dominant character but his mate is equally involved in decision-making.


There was no commentary. The video footage clearly showed the noble leader’s sorrow and rapid decline.


He was in superb health and condition. He had his pack, his pride, and his leadership role but life clearly was not worth living without her. There was no voice-over. The camera silently captured the moment when, giving in to unbearable sadness, the mighty leader headed out across the vast tundra to die alone. His pack watched him go. They knew. I cried.


We’re told that animals don’t “think” like humans but Canadian naturalist Farley Mowat wrote about this in his famous book Never Cry Wolf. Today there are recorded instances of American Eskimos who choose suicide-by-freezing as release from suffering, sorrow or being a burden on others.


Back to the point; wild canids are long-lived if not injured, trapped, or shot. Wolves, coyotes, foxes, they all eat a natural diet and are in superb physical and mental condition.


We know that stress takes a heavy toll on physical health. Could it be that wild animals don’t worry? They don’t “think” about how hard it will be to get a meal during a blizzard. Wolves mate for life so they don’t worry about fidelity. Their inherent station in the pack and their loyalty to each other is a big factor in low-stress social engagement whereas we humans are constantly struggling with family, work, and social issues.


Do wolves, coyotes, foxes… worry about their next meal? No. Only domestic dogs watch the clock… Wild ii carnivores can go days without a big meal. Finding game, they chase at full speed, exerting an extraordinary amount of energy and adrenaline to accomplish a kill. Compare that to today’s sedentary house dog…


Dogs are carnivores. Dogs are clever, thinking… designed to use both nose and brain in order to thrive and survive. Carnivores never hunt with a full stomach. They must chase food, exerting prodigious energy and burning calories. What does your dog do before eating? Wake from a nap, stretch lazily, wave his tail at you?


For your dog’s health and digestion take him out for a brisk walk alternating with running. If you can’t run, jog him beside a bicycle or at least teach him to fetch and “play ball” with him. Only a burst of strenuous exercise prepares a carnivore’s digestive system for a big meal.


Never do it backwards! A big meal followed by “a good run” can lead to gastric torsion and death. See live video of a dog bloating, link below. {Ref #1}


No wild canine ever ate corn, wheat, or soybeans. Carnivores eat meat, eggs when they can find them, and carefully selected vegetation including certain herbs. Meat should be fed raw with the exception of fish and for that treat, canned mackerel is cheap and especially appreciated by all Northern breed dogs.


I have often shocked dog owners by advising raw chicken legs or wings at least once a week. RAW chicken bones are soft and the marrow is extremely nutritious. Alternate with beef, pork or chicken liver, ORGANIC only. Sure organic is more expensive but well worth it for liver. The liver is the body's filtration system, the organ that detoxifies chemicals and drugs. Organic means the animal has not received growth hormones nor has it been sick and required antibiotics. Always use organic liver.


Milk is not at all “ii natural ” for adult dogs but cottage cheese, yogurt, and whole buttermilk (how can BUTTER-milk be low-fat??!!) are well tolerated in a natural canine diet. Perhaps because farm dogs have relished fresh or soured milk for centuries, the canine digestive system handles “fermented” dairy products but rejects today’s “fresh milk.” I do give fresh or canned Goat Milk to mother dogs and if puppies need supplementing, a tiny drop of Karo Syrup makes it as sweet as mommy-milk.


With this canine diet advice comes a big chunk of common sense. You can spend a fortune in “coat conditioners”, vitamins, and food additives like ii palatants or you can skip the “supplements” and feed what has nourished carnivores since prehistoric times. See me smile...


Now the frown. Herbivores, i.e. horses, cattle, deer, antelope, etc. were meant to graze all day. Herbivores are not great thinkers but they do have long memories. Bison travel hundreds of miles between seasonal grazing lands, elephants journey even further. Now think about livestock. Steers confined in a feedlot. Pigs in compression cages, treated like machines that produce “pork chops and bacon.” Kept stabled, horses suffer stress which leads to acidic gastric secretions which cause ulcers. Ulcers in a horse? Oh yes…and then then are usually slaughtered for the meat trade.


The message here is kennel dogs and house dogs are seriously deprived, both physically and mentally. They become food-obsessed (and owners love to indulge them) but as carnivores they would hunt over long distances and sometimes unsuccessfully.


Is it kindness or cruelty to deprive your dog of that genetically programmed physical exertion that his metabolism depends on? Do yourself and your dog a favor, jog or bike with your dog before either of you eat. Once Upon A Time, YOU had to hunt for more than a knife and fork.


Reference Link {1} Dog Bloat and Gastric Distress Video EST 1998 © April 2020



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