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Check labels and avoid pet foods containing "meat meal" which can include diseased animals or the euthanasia drugs used to kill them.




Dog Eat Dog

by Barbara J. Andrews TheDogPlace Publisher


It is 2021 and pet food ingredients may still include the remains of other pets and the euthanasia drugs used to kill them which over time, can be fatal to your pet.


We thank KMOV TV Channel 4 News for reporting the disgusting practice of disposing of animal bodies by including the remains in pet foods.  In 2002 we broke this ugly news online but incredibly, in Feb. 2018 there was an even worse twist to the horror.


As previously reported, in addition to pet food that could contain your neighbor's deceased pet, another unspecified ingredient may be pentobarbital or ketamine. Those are the lethal drugs used by veterinarians and shelters to euthanize pets.


Here's what you need to know as you ponder over dog food ingredients. The practice of "dumping" euthanized pets and large animals into what becomes the dog food supply is well-documented.


In late 2020 there were 2,800,000 "pick up" services listed online. This is a vital service for large animal owners and veterinarians but what becomes of the remains is still what should be a nationwide scandal... 18 years ago we reported “euthanized dogs and cats from local animal shelters are taken to the same rendering plant that produces raw materials for pet foods.


The awful truth about pet food ingredients was revealed by the KMOV reporter Jamie Allman who says “It's a sad secret kept by most animal shelters run by local governments. The dogs and cats they put to death go to one place, a rendering plant in Millstadt, Illinois where their bodies are boiled down into raw materials that could be winding up in pet food.”


The Food and Drug Administration appears to ignore the problem as regards human foods. In this case, the FDA claimed that euthanasia drugs could not survive the rendering process. But the news station reported that 1998 test results revealed that “several retail feeds were confirmed for the presence of pentobarbital which could have only come from euthanized animals.


Don Aird with the Food and Drug Administration says they were prompted to test the dog food because the FDA “had reports from veterinarians that dogs had died after eating foods that may contain pentobarbital.” The worst part of this gruesome story is that the FDA knows which pet foods tested positive for the deadly ingredients but your federal food protection agency isn't going to tell you!


What's in this dog food can?  We know you can't trust the label ingredients because it is indeed a "dog eat dog" world.It gets worse. warned subscribers and Charter Members that FDA had not and would not make dog food companies cease using the gruesome ingredients.


In fact, we told you FDA said “We'll be releasing all that in January. The problem is just because it's there doesn't mean it's dangerous.” What???


Don Aird, the FDA spokesman, insisted deaths from such lethal ingredients are “rare.” When the reporter asked “What would the FDA do if this was found in people food?” the makes-you-wonder FDA response was “If it was in people food we would immediately have a recall.


A poll on whether or not the FDA should reveal the names of the pet food companies whose dog foods tested positive for ingredients such as animal remains and dangerous drugs was overwhelmingly "YES!"


As of the end of 2020, that has not been done. It appears that the agency your tax dollars support gets more funding from the pet food manufacturers!


Our Science and Advisory Board recommends that any dog that becomes mysteriously ill or dies unexpectedly be tested for the presence of euthanasia drugs. We welcome all pertinent veterinary reports but our staff prays there are none... EST 1998 ©   #1211182R20121



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