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If you're concerned about family safety, you want a home protection breed like the German Shepherd Dog or a Schutzhund titled dog as a reliable security system.




Tam Cordingley, CSI Instructor, SAAB Member


Families are rushing to buy the highly advertised home protection systems that alert Brinks or other security companies when there is an intrusion into your home.  Such security systems are great but nothing can protect you as quickly, effectively and safely as a well trained home protection breed.


In this time of national insecurity how secure do you feel?  There is not only the threat to our nation by outsiders, but with the economic situation, violent crime is increasing.  How safe is your home?


Ask yourself this.  How long would it take for local police to arrive at your home?  20 minutes a national average.  Hopefully they will arrive to find your home and personal protection dog at your side.  More than likely, the intruder is long gone but the important thing is that you are safe and you didn't have to shoot the intruder and suffer the emotional trauma, interrogation, and possible court trial!.  Your well-trained personal and home protection dog did his job.  Threat over.


This is a working type German Shepherd, a guard dog small enough to fit easily in your car, large enough to take down the biggest bully.  A dog like this scares off the worst criminal element, avoiding confrontation and the risk of personal injury to you or an assailant. Why pick on you when the next car on the street or in the parking lot contains an unprotected person?   Why break into a home with a capable guarding breed on duty?


Okay, now you're thinking.  So how safe do you really feel with a gun in the house?  Have you taken lessons on how to use it?  Do you keep it loaded at all times?  Could you always get to the gun?  Could you fire and aim when panicked?  Can a gun hear or sense a home intrusion?


If you answered "no" to any of those questions, keep reading.  A properly trained home protection breed is the right answer.


In the case of domestic abuse, how close is your closest shelter or sheriff? If you get carjacked, who will be there to help you?  Would you be able to call for police help in either case?  A protective dog can dissuade or distract a potential assailant long enough for tempers to cool and reason to return.  And who would even think about grabbing a car occupied by a big capable guarding breed?


Choosing The Right Home Protection Breed

A word of caution is in order here.  In picking a protection breed, not just any dog will do. Many of the renowned guard dog breeds have been corrupted by breeding for looks rather than brains and character.


Don't buy a baby puppy unless you have thoroughly researched the breeder and the bloodline.  Research your protector, get references as it were. If considering an older puppy or adult, make sure the dog will really protect you, not run if the attacker comes after you. Do your homework and ask for a protection demonstration with that dog.  Even a puppy should respond with instinctive protection signals and show strength of character.


Depending on your lifestyle, the size of your home and premises, a small home protection breed might suit you just as well as a large guarding breed.  Even the smallest dog breed is a good alarm. A small terrier who is watchful and will bark his or her head off if someone approaches his car or his person will draw attention, something no criminal wants. Actually, if you are more inclined towards a toy breed, go for it because most toy dog breeds are excellent alarm dogs.  Chihuahuas protect their owners as ferociously as any of the traditional guarding breeds!


Take the rash of child abductions as a warning.  Despite the best home security systems, children were snatched right out of the home.  It would make sense to have an alert dog sleeping in the bedroom with your child. No kidnapper can get the child away or do harm, not while your dog is sleeping in the same room or watching your children play in the back yard.


Make no mistake, a protection dog is not a mean dog. They must have good, sound temperaments. They must be safe around trusted friends, trustworthy and dependable around your family, and that comes from basic breed instinct developed by proper training.  Building that bond makes natural protection breeds willing to lay down their very lives for their family.


Female German Shepherd Dogs can be fiercely protectiveThis is what the sport of Schutzhund was developed to test. In Germany, where many of these “guard dogs” were developed they must have a Schutzhund title to gain a show title.


It is important that they be able to pass, not only the bite phase, but also the obedience and temperament test. (This female demonstrates the "bark and hold" command at heel position.)  The point is quite literally a "show of teeth" to freeze the bad guy.  A home intruder greeted by 42 sharp teeth is going to forget what he came for in a hurry!


The temperament test includes basic obedience, no dog aggression, no crowd sensitivity, they must be able to be patted by a neutral stranger, they must pass startle tests.


The dog must be able to pass ALL of these tests before he can even enter a trial to also test his tracking ability and protection skills.


A German Shepherd Dog with Schutzhund title or a dog of any breed with solid working-credentialed pedigree is the best home and personal security you can ever hope to own.


Selecting the right home protection breed isn't that hard.  Don't you feel safer already?


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