Pet Medication Chart


PRINTABLE human-canine medicines from aspirin and Amoxicillin to Tetracycline and Vitamin B, indications, precautions, plus kilograms to pounds, weight and volume conversions.



Dog Medicine Dosage Chart

Compiled by Delilah Penn


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Always check with your veterinarian before administering any medications.


Buffered Aspirin 5 mg per lb every 12 hrs Pain relief, anti-inflammatory
Vitamin B to 2 ml subcutaneously every 24 hrs Used as an appetite stimulant
Benadryl Up to 2 mg per lb every 8 hrs Treat allergies, itching, etc.
Dramamine Up to 50 mg every 8 hrs Used to reduce motion (car) sickness
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 10 ml by mouth every 15 minutes Induces vomiting after accidental ingestion of poison
Epinephrine 1:1000 1/10 to ml intramuscular or subcutaneously Treats reactions after insect stings, bites or medications
Pepto Bismol 1 teaspoon per 5 lbs every 6 hrs Relieves vomiting or stomach gas, diarrhea
Di Gel Liquid Up to 4 tablespoons every 8 hrs Antacid and anti-gas
Mineral Oil Up to 4 tablespoons daily Used to eliminate constipation
Kaopectate 1 ml per lb every 2 hrs For diarrhea
Tylenol (Acteminophin) Not recommended Not recommended


The following are common antibiotic medications prescribed by veterinarians.  Do not use outdated medications and ALWAYS follow the advice of your veterinarian when using antibiotics.


Amoxicillin 5 mg per lb every 12 hrs Treats bacterial infections
Ampicillin 10 mg per lb every 6 hrs Treats bacterial infections
Tetracycline 10 mg per lb every 8 hrs Treats bacterial infections


each ml includes 150,000 units each of penicillin G. Benzathine/Penicillin G. Procaine

1 cc per 20 lbs every 48 hrs subcutaneously Treats bacterial infections

Procaine Penicillin

300,000 units per ml

1 ml per 30 lbs subcutaneously Fights bacterial infections
Erythromycin tablets 5 mg per lb every 8 hrs Fights bacterial infections


Weights & Conversions

1 kilogram (kg) = 2.2 pounds (lb) more precisely 2.204 lbs

1 kilogram = 1000 grams (gm)

1 gram = 1,000 milligrams (mg)

1 milligram (mg) = 1/65 grain


1 ml = 1 cc

15 drops = 1 ml

1 teaspoon (tsp) = 5 ml

1 tablespoon (tbs) = 15 ml

1 ounce (oz) = 30 ml

Temperatures in Fahrenheit

Normal Canine = 101.5 F

Normal Feline = 101.5 F

Normal Equine = 100.5 F

Normal Elephant = 97 F

Normal Human = 98.6 F

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