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Handicapped Girl And A German Shepherd

Received from Graham Mabbutt, author of "A Passion For Dogs, A Journey Of Discovery"


Marina is an 8 year old paraplegic orphan from Russia.  The dog was imported from Germany when he was twelve weeks old. Watch a miracle unfold in only 3 minutes.


Marina was adopted into The U.K. out of Russia. "Tag" the German Shepherd dog was walked with a family as we do with all our pups until 14 months or so before we (the Cornwall Police) assess the dog as to its suitability for training as a Police Dog.


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Courtesy of the BBC and submitted by Graham Mabbutt -3 1/2 minutes


Tag ‘flew’ the course and is now a licensed (so called) Police Dog.  Recently he tracked through extensive woodland, half a mile or so from the abandoned car of a would-be suicide to where the young woman was hanging barely conscious. Putting Tag in ‘The down’, his handler lowered the woman to the ground and with some difficulty resuscitated her administering mouth to mouth and chest palpation.


Marina wept bitter tears to lose Tag but her tears have now dried and she says, “I am so proud of him. One day when I am grown up I shall own a Shepherd like Tag.” I wonder if she will be lucky enough to find one like Tag?


Footnote. Tag is in the company (police force) with Paul Glennon, my friend, who I trained with his first privately owned dog, a Rottweiler some thirty years ago. EST 1998 © 1910 



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