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How veterinarians overcharge pet owners by requiring unnecessary and risky vaccinations, heartworm treatment, and Lymes disease test ripoffs. has carried Dr. Patricia Jordan’s information on vaccine induced disease for over a decade so Vaccine Induced Disease isn't new.  James L. Busby, DVM shares more on today's epidemic of VID.


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Dr. James L. Busby explains that some veterinarians insist on yearly heartworm tests, which, if the dog is on the expensive heartworm prevention should not be necessary.  More important, IF your dog is diagnosed with heartworm, he reveals how to treat it cheaper, safer, and more effectively than recommended by most veterinarians!!!

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The Truth On LYME DISEASE, by Old Country Vet

James L. Busby, DVM says Lyme disease is actually RARE in pets and he explains the rip-off in testing for Lymes.  Do you know how much some veterinarians make off of Lyme Disease?  Prepare to be shocked.

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For more VID information by Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTC, VH (including photos of injection site cancers) Vaccine Reaction Essay, learn from Adverse Vaccine Reactions and how Vaccinosis Death is caused by unsafe and unnecessary vaccinations. 


Project Vaccines began in 2001 - TheDogPlace was the first website to bring national attention to vaccine efficacy, risks, and profit in legally required vaccinations. The Vaccine Index exposes the Lyme Vaccine Lie and the serious risks of heartworm prevention poison. EST 1998 © 1603

Watch additional VIDEOS by other vets based on the abuse of vaccinations.


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Death By Vaccination

2 videos prove the shocking $ conspiracy unknown even to most veterinarians.

Prescribing Death

Doctors educated and bribed by Big Pharma kill more people than cars!

Vaccine Titer Test

Dr. Ron Schultz explains how a simple new titer test can prevent vaccinosis.


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