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How do you explain how some animals and humans know how to do things when they have never been taught or shown?


Bison of Yellowstone's National Park seem to have inherited memory and know to go to the hot springs and steam to stay warm during Yellowstone’s harsh winters. Watch this short video of a group of bison standing on top of Excelsior Geyser Crater’s runoff channels at Yellowstone park’s Midway Geyser Basin. Over 5 million gallons of water go through these channels every day and flow into the Firehole River and it's the only place on earth you will find bison and hot springs in the same scenery. We thank {Ref #1} and awe inspiring photographer Tom Murphy {#2} for sharing this excellent video with us and so many others.


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Another animal that knows to go to water for warmth in the winter are the Japanese Macaques or "Snow Monkeys" from the Jigokudani Monkey Park located in Yamanouchi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The monkey park is part of the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park and this is the ONLY monkey troop in the world to bathe in the hot springs.



Have you ever thought about inherited memories that people and animals seem to have? For instance, how do dogs/cats know instinctively to chew an umbilical cord but they've never had puppies/kittens before? How do horse, cow and deer offspring know they must get up immediately after birth for food and protection? What about Mozart? He could play the harpsichord at age 3 and published music at age 5.


Did you know Monarch butterflies make a 2,500 mile journey from Canada to a small plot of land in Mexico each year? In the spring they start to fly back north and it takes three generations of butterflies to complete the trip. No single butterfly has ever flown the entire route North before. How do they “know” a route they never learned? It all has to be inherited memory right? Tell us what you think on TheDogPress facebook page.


The bald eagle is the official symbol of the United States but it was a tossup with the bison which might have won if it could fly, Read American Symbol: Bison or Eagle?


Reference Information: {1}   {2} Tom Murphy Photography EST 1998 © Jul 2023



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